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Bill Sorel Training& Development Portfolio Founder and Senior Advisor of TriQuest LLC.

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1 Bill Sorel Training& Development Portfolio Founder and Senior Advisor of TriQuest LLC

2 Who Am I? Experience exceptional results from a professional trainer, project manager, facilitator, and consultant with over 20 years experience developing thousands of people across the United States with the U. S. Postal Service. Complemented with a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.S. in Business with a concentration in Organizational Development, Bill Sorel’s track record includes the guiding, developing, facilitating and leading of successful teams like yours. His company, TriQuest, specializes in work with groups focused on continuous process improvement, learning skills, and organizational development. Take a look at some of Bill’s many successes.

3 Executive Development The organization leadership needed process management training to learn this state-of-the-art method of conducting business and to provide development for corporate succession planning. Bill Sorel of TriQuest consulted with management and reviewed and modified the existing curricula to meet the company's specific needs. Bill delivered the training class. Three of the trainees were promoted to Vice-Presidents within two years and they led major national efforts to continuously improve work processes, performance, service to customers, and sales.

4 Training Course Development Perfect Presentations Bill Sorel of TriQuest developed this course to strengthen people with the skills to present professionally. Through this development class, your people are better able to present products, proposals, thoughts or initiatives with the confidence to succeed. With this course, TriQuest can train up to 8 people in a classroom. This highly interactive and fun 15 hour presenter training class can be scheduled to meet the flexible needs of the modern workplace. Each participant will receive a personal performance assessment and a post-course personal development plan. And what do people say about this training? D. Bennett says: "As a seasoned professional, it was worthwhile to have a refresher on the topic of public speaking, Being able to practice speaking techniques in a 'safe' place was extremely valuable.” A. Lattin comments: "I really struggled with feeling good about my presentations. I am leaving the course with significantly increased confidence and knowledge to do effective presentations in the future.“ K. VanAken adds: "When I came into the course the first day, I was very concerned about my presentation skills. Bill was extremely helpful and supportive and I leave the class feeling confident that I can give a professional presentation without the anxiety I had prior to taking the course. Thank you!”

5 Statistical Process Control Headquarters commissioned a team to develop a training course to enhance the analytical skills of quality professionals, introduce state-of-the-art business theory, and demonstrate the application of statistical tools used in Six Sigma management systems. As part of this team effort, Bill Sorel of TriQuest helped craft a complex and intensive training course and educated quality specialists nationally. The team delivered a professional product applying organizational examples to the material. Sorel received master instructor status for this course and trained specialists to effectively apply these tools to workplace improvement efforts. This training course, Statistical Process Control Tools, improved the professional staff's ability to analyze data, identify problems, and make effective management decisions based on this information.

6 Business Writing Bill Sorel of TriQuest developed and delivered Postalwrite, an 18-hour training course designed to improve the business writing skills of management employees. The class, recognized nationally, was tailored to meet operational management needs. Today, this training has a new name -Write Right! No matter what the situation, the ability to communicate professionally in writing is essential. For many, it's been a long time since we received formal training to write. The age of texting and emails has only served to further diminish our skill levels. TriQuest now offers business writing training for up to 10 participants designed to provide the foundation to improve. This 16 hour employee development experience can be tailored to any unique organizational need. Whether writing customer or client responses, project reports, emails, employee evaluations, or standard operating procedures, writing professionally gives you an edge. What They Said: “The course is excellent, very informative for me. Bill kept my interest and, by listening to him, brought out what I am lacking in the field of writing and how to better myself.” – Walt F. “This was one of the most informative and enjoyable courses I have taken. The course and instructor were excellent.” – Brian S. “I enjoyed this course very much and found it to be a helpful start to improving my writing skills.” – Joe F.

7 Degree & Certifications

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