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8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org1 Sexual Health for All in Malawi David Johnson Jonathan Creel.

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1 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org1 Sexual Health for All in Malawi David Johnson Jonathan Creel

2 Yankhulani! & Pezani Mwayi To enable and empower groups of young people who have little or no access to appropriate sexual health and HIV services to have a right to good sexual health have a right to services which don’t judge them have a right to services which are appropriate to their needs. 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org2 Millenium target 6.3Proportion of population aged 15-24 years with comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS 6.1 HIV prevalence among population aged 15-24 years

3 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org3 A multi levelled approach Activities chart at the youth project

4 Methods Health Directly involving groups of young people with existing services in their localities. Dialogue between young people and health centre staff Training of specific staff to provide services Activities at clinics to promote uptake 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org4

5 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org5

6 Trained ‘youth friendly’ clinic staff Cape Maclear 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org6

7 “we had to wait in line with our Mothers and Aunties if we want to talk to the staff about birth control” 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org7

8 “now that there is netball at the health centre i don’t feel so ashamed to be seen here” 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org8

9 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org9

10 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org10

11 Access to information on sexual health male and female condoms HIV testing HIV medications birth control methods Judgement free approaches Millenium target 6.2 Condom use at last high-risk sex 6.5 Proportion of population with advanced HIV infection with access to antiretroviral drugs) 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org11

12 Empowerment Peer education trainings Business skills trainings and start up loans Capacity building for small youth organisations Mens groups to look at ‘violence against women’ and the roles of women in society Millenium target 3.1 Ratios of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education 3.2 Share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org12

13 Peer education training session 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org13

14 Henry’s new Barbershop business 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org14

15 “we want to buy a fishing boat and sell the fish” Lets look at a business plan first, how much money have you already raised ? 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org15

16 Barriers 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org16

17 Targeted work with Prisoners Commercial sex workers Men who have sex with men Millenium target 6.2 Condom use at last high-risk sex 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org17

18 Pezani Mwayi 2010 to 2013 1) Raise awareness among target groups around prevention, promotion of benefits of regular STI and HIV screening, through development of peer educators and targeted prevention programs. 2) Provision of condoms and lubricants for at risk populations 3) Increasing awareness levels amongst policy makers, human rights and service organisations on issues affecting the most at risk 4) To combat stigma and discrimination which affects uptake of Prevention and Testing services for rural youth and most at risk groups. 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org18

19 8/10/2015www.waverleycare.org19

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