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Ecosystem Services Analysis Tues, Jan. 8 2013 ES 281.

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1 Ecosystem Services Analysis Tues, Jan. 8 2013 ES 281

2 Daily et al. FEE 2009

3 The Natural Capital Project: Mainstreaming ecosystem services

4 Three main tasks for mainstreaming ecosystem services 1.Understanding the provision of ecosystem services (Quantification) 2.Understanding the benefits to human well- being from ecosystem services (Valuation) 3.Creating incentives for sustainable provision of ecosystem services (Institutions/policy)


6 InVEST: Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs Set of computer-based models Biodiversity and multiple services Driven by future scenarios Spatially explicit Biophysical and economic outputs Flexible and transferable Minimal data requirements

7 InVEST 1.003 Beta can map Biodiversity Crop pollination Carbon seq & storage Managed timber production Avoided sedimentation Water yield Water purification: nutrient retention Multi-Service Approach

8 Marine InVEST Habitat risk assessment Fisheries Aquaculture Coastal Protection Carbon sequestration Recreation Energy generation


10 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3 Modeling reality Data reality SimpleComplex A Tiered Approach

11 Land Use Soil typeTopography Spatial Data Inputs on Natural Capital

12 RoadsCitiesInfrastructure Spatial Data Inputs on Built Capital

13 China Tanzania West Coast Hawai’i Amazon Basin Colombia Ecuador Applying InVEST Uganda Indonesia Minnesota Delaware



16 Stakeholder Engagement Identify Objectives Develop Scenarios Compile Data Biophysical Models Economic Models InVEST Multi-Service, Biophysical and Economic

17 Decisions  Scenarios How will biodiversity and ecosystem service values change With climate change? With population growth? Given a new policy or program?

18 Modeling multiple ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, commodity production, and tradeoffs at landscape scales Nelson et al. 2009. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 7(1): 4–11.

19 Current Land Cover in the Basin

20 Nelson et al. 2009 FEE Step 1: Develop scenarios Projected land use change in 2050 under three scenarios

21 Modeled Land Use Cover in the Basin under three scenarios Land use change model developed by Lewis and Plantinga. Monte Carlo analysis with 500 runs. Lewis and Plantinga (2007) and Lubowski et al. (2006) Circa 2050

22 Step 2: Run InVEST models


24 Change in Ecosystem Services: 1990 - 2050

25 Scenario

26 B. Outputs through time Nelson et al. 2009 FEE Step 3: Visualize results B. Outputs through time

27 Win-Win Lose-Lose Tradeoff analysis Service 1 Service 2 Step 3: Visualize results C. Tradeoffs analysis

28 Nelson et al. 2009 FEE


30 Daily et al. FEE 2009

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