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Copyright SARGIA Partners S.A. Leave your mark and stand out from the crowd!

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1 Copyright SARGIA Partners S.A. Leave your mark and stand out from the crowd!

2 …at a glance Transform Align Navigate Accelerate Redefine

3 Improve corporate image, culture and business results by enhancing individual professional identity using coaching and workshops to Key Performers and Management Teams Support executives to maximize their strengths and how they project themselves to the outside world. This covers many areas including speech, manners, grooming, body language. Relate all these elements back to the individuals’ personal brand values “within 30 seconds of meeting people we 80% accurate in assessing their competence” Scope

4 o To keep employees updated and aligned to corporate brand identity and values o To define your differentiation from competition o To enhance individuals’ professional confidence and impact in the market o To integrate effectively multigenerational workforce o To improve internal and external communication and relationships o To support key-employees climb the leadership ladder “a good brand adapts itself to change” Why is needed?

5 Every leader has a brand--an operative reputation at work. These dynamic workshops provide new and established leaders with the framework and tools they need to create a truly powerful personal brand--one that drives business performance and career success Building your personal Brand Identity Personal Branding Concept  The power of First Impressions  Why Personal Brand Matters  Discover your Brand  Branding Building Blocks Corporate Workshops

6  The power of Body Language  Non verbal signaling  Body Language components  Consistency & Congruency of Image  The overall impression  Camouflage Techniques (Men & Women)  The art of combining colors  Work Capsule Wardrobe Non Verbal Communication Corporate Workshops Professional Presence

7  Influencing others  Effective networking  Business Etiquette  High Impact Presentation Skills  Communication Styles  Active Listening  Questioning Skills Behavior of your brand Corporate Workshops Verbal Communication

8 “take ownership of your brand and invest in yourself” Tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual within a corporation and designed to make an immediate impact on your professional and personal life We support you on developing: Your executive personal brand Your professional presence Your non verbal communication Your verbal communication Behavior of your brand Individual Consultation

9 SARGIA Partners takes a "results-oriented" approach with each engagement. Through a comprehensive preliminary process, we gain a thorough understanding of our client's objectives prior to proposing an appropriate plan. Recognizing that no two clients are alike, we develop unique and personalized consultations for each client, rather than utilizing a generic library of programs. We focus on impact - exceptional and immediate value that provides substantial, long-term benefits. Approach

10 Educated and motivated employees who project a professional image and presence consistent with your company's objectives Greater employee self-confidence, teamwork, and productivity Improved employee’s communication skills and interpersonal relationships Easier attraction and retention of high potential employees by creating a more positive work environment “the survivors will be the individuals who keep pace, remain inspired by change, keep learning and current” The Results You Can Expect

11  Offering a unique service to the market  Expertise in the most contemporary methodologies and tools, continuously updated through our cooperation with the UK based Personal Branding firm – TONIC Ltd Why us?

12 Coach/Facilitator Gerty Phili is a Master Coach, certified by the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC) of the USA; she is also a specialist in the area of Interpersonal Impact Coaching, trained by Nicola Murray of Tonic Ltd, UK. She is an accomplished leadership coach, and Interpersonal Impact specialist. She brings with her a true passion for partnering with individuals, teams and organizations to create lasting transformational change that delivers real value and business growth. She works with executives from diverse businesses who understand that success hinges on strategically managing their own professional growth, leadership development and personal brand. Her diverse experience and valuable skills are critical for clients who are motivated to go to the next level. She has served clients in Energy, Pharmaceutical sectors and Telecommunication, FMCG, Retail and Technology services. Gerty has pioneered the concept of, and proved the value of, Personal Brand consulting in the Greek business world, offering experiential workshops and one-to-one coaching to executives so they master the skill of interpersonal impact as it relates to their professional presence and influence style. She is engaged by her clients to work with their executives in order to enhance their profes¬sional brand in alignment with their personal and corporate brand. Working with individuals or teams, she provides her unique expertise on the fundamental keys to interpersonal impact, including professional presence, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, influence skills and business etiquette—all with a holistic approach. She is described as a “down to earth”, inspirational and effective person that can make others feel comfortable. Her main motivation is to add value, focusing on the important matters, being an objective advisor and providing solutions. Equally, a business minded professional who builds strong and long lasting relationships of trust as well as trustworthy, a person who voices her opinion, with a positive “can-do” attitude and encouraging approach, she is at helping others strengthen their belief in themselves and their abilities. Gerty Phili Partner & Leadership Coach of SARGIA Partners Specialization: Leadership Coaching, Personal and Leadership Branding “Passionate to guide professionals to achieve new heights”


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