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The Great War: World War I The war to end all wars The First World War in History.

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1 The Great War: World War I The war to end all wars The First World War in History

2 Causes of World War I Imperialism: European powers were going to al parts of the world to gain land. Nationalism: To act in the country’s own national interest. Militarism: Building up a nation’s for war and giving them more power than the government. Alliances: Balance of power

3 Balance of Power Triple Alliance- Central Powers  Germany  Austria-Hungary  Bulgaria Triple Entente- Allied Powers  Great Britain  France  Russia

4 Alliance Chain Reaction When the Archduke was assassinated, Bosnia along with Serbia were annexed to Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was convinced that Serbia had something to do with the killings. As a result, they used this excuse to declare was on Serbia on July 28, 1914. This set off the chain reaction of alliances throughout Europe.

5 Chain Reaction continued Russia, as Serbia’s protector, began mobilization on July 29, 1914. Germany demanded Russia to stop but they refused. Germany then declared war on Russia meanwhile Russia’s ally, France, declared war on Germany. Germany then declared was on Belgium meanwhile Great Britain declared was on Germany.


7 Schlieffen Plan The Schlieffen Plan consisted of a quick sweep through France. The goal was to knock the French out of the war then turn East and defeat Russia. The purpose of this plan was to avoid battling both countries at the same time. Germany had to pass through Belgium (neutral) in order to reach France. Germany hoped Britain would stay out of the war but the invasion of Belgium brought Britain into the war.

8 Fighting the war New style of warfare: -Machine guns -Tanks -Long range, heavy artillery -Poison gas -Hand grenades -“No-Man’s Land”

9 Effects of World War 1 England had been the center of the great British Empire before World War I. The war marks the beginning of the decline of that empire in the face of rising nationalist demands for independence throughout the non-European world. England had also been the great creditor nation of the world, providing shipping and insurance services to the rest of the world. The cost of the war was so great that England consumed all of its credits and became heavily indebted to the United States. Working class people, as well as women, were fully employed during the war, and their status, once defined as very subordinate to the aristocracy, was greatly enhanced. The distribution of income shifted in favor of the poor. France also suffered untold property damage since most of the war on the western front was fought on French soil.

10 Effects in the United States The United States was a great continental power, with great population and resources. The war stimulated the U.S. economy, increased employment and wages, and brought great profit to industry. The United States emerged from the war as clearly the greatest power in the world as well as the creditor nation of the world.

11 Other effects Austria-Hungary collapsed during the war, torn apart by its multi-national divisions. In Russia, the war led to the Russian Revolution and a civil war which continued the conflict for three years beyond World War I. The civil war involved foreign intervention, almost total disintegration of the economy and, by 1921, massive famine. The war accelerated the process of change driven by industrialization.

12 American troops at the Western Front, 1918

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