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SUGGESTIONS?. Thou Shall Not Miss Them! Thou Shall Not Miss Them!

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11 Thou Shall Not Miss Them! Thou Shall Not Miss Them!

12 I. You shall have no other gods before me. II. You shall not worship false gods. III. You shall never take my name in vain. IV. You shall keep the Sabbath day holy. V. Honor your father and your mother. VI. You shall not murder. VII. You shall not commit adultery. VIII. You shall not steal. IX. You shall not lie. X. You shall never want what belongs to someone else.

13 There’s another way of looking at the TEN COMMANDMENTS. We can turn the commandments into beatitudes. They would look something like this: Blessed are they who put God first. Blessed are they who need no substitutes for God. Blessed are they who honor God’s name. Blessed are they who honor God’s day. Blessed are they who honor their parents. Blessed are they who value life. Blessed are they who keep their marriage vows. Blessed are they who respect the property of others. Blessed are they who love the truth. Blessed are they who learn the art of contentment.

14 Or only ten suggestions?

15 Rediscovering the Commandments

16 A journey through the Ten Commandments. 1-4: The commandments about God. 4-10: The Commandments about us.

17 1-4: The commandments about our relationship with God. To enhance our relationship and communication with our God.

18 4-10: The Commandments about the relationship with one another. To enhance our relationship and fellowship with people around us.


20 I. You shall have no other gods before me. Modern Version: You shall consider God first in ALL things. GOD MUST BE YOUR PRIORITY IN LIFE ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE.

21 A.In ancient days, people worshiped statues created by man. They were believed to have supernatural powers. Today, many people feel they are immune to this law; however, they still have other “gods” in this world. They worship by putting our energy into things that are not of God, or they simply have “no God.”

22 Consider to yourself: 1) Is there a thing in my life that I put before God, that I treasure more than God, that I seek more than I seek God, that I spend more of my energy with? 2) Do I believe in God or do I live as if God didn’t exist?

23 B. Some activities rob us of our attention to God and His priorities. Lots of activities seem to be interesting as they occupy our time, but they do not help us fulfill our long term goals or purpose. Other activities actually force us in the wrong direction and are harmful. Each person must be single- minded and focused, not letting idle activities become distracting gods.

24 This is not as much about how much time we spend with the activities in our lives. Certainly we have to go to work, to school, take care of children and many other things in our lives. As it is with the directions underneath all of these things. It has more to do with the reasons we do all of them, and which the goals and purposes we have in life.

25 Is God supreme in all these things? Does He have the priority? Is it for Him that we do these things? Do we care about Him?




29 CONFESS AND REPENT 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.


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