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Mathematics 7–9 Home–School Communication Resource.

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1 Mathematics 7–9 Home–School Communication Resource

2 The Department of Education is pleased to provide your school with …

3 The Mathematics 7–9: Home–School Communication Resource!

4 Let’s look inside …


6 Overview The resource makes it easy for grades 7–9 mathematics teachers to inform parents and guardians about their students’ mathematics program and involve them in what their students are learning.

7 CD—Electronic Files All the paper files and folders packed in this box are also available electronically on the CD. That means you can always print another copy of anything that’s here.

8 Newsletters, Email, & Websites You can keep parents up-to-date on what their students are learning in class by sending out emails, regular newsletters, or maintaining a website. The communication resource contains information about email communication, samples of a newsletter and websites, as well as tips on how to create your own.

9 Sample Newsletter

10 Email and Websites

11 Information Sessions Inviting parents to visit the school to attend and participate in curriculum information sessions provides a great opportunity to involve parents in student learning by explaining what’s going on in class. We’ve put lots of goodies in the communication resource to make your curriculum night the best it can be …

12 Curriculum Night Contents –Information Session Letters –Grades 7–9 Curriculum Summaries –Suggestions for Parents: Helping with Homework –Mathematics 7–8–9: A Textbook Tour PowerPoint Presentation –Presentations: How We Teach A PowerPoint presentation has been prepared that is specific to each grade. The materials are also available for each grade on overhead transparencies.

13 Curriculum Night How We Teach

14 Special Events Family Math Night Family math nights are informal evenings during which students, siblings, and parents are invited to the school to do math-related activities. The whole family becomes engaged in the student’s learning. Here’s what we’ve packed in the communication resource to help you make your school’s event a success …

15 Special Events Contents – Grade 7 Activities – Grade 8 Activities – Grade 9 Activities Each grade section provides guidance for running a teacher-led introductory activity and five activity cards for small groups to work on.

16 Special Events Sample Activities

17 Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings Meetings can be held for a variety of reasons. Several types of meetings are addressed in this section, including information to help you run student-led conferences with parents. This section of the resource provides information about parent meetings, with samples of invitations to parents, parent response forms, materials for student portfolios, and related articles about organizing effective meetings with parents.

18 Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings Support Resources Here is what the communication resource contains to help you meet with parents … – Sample Invitation Letters – Sample Portfolio Forms – Sample Parent Response Forms – Related Articles – How to Run Successful Parent-Team Conferences – Letting Students Lead Parent Conferences – Student-Led Conferences – Parent-Teacher Meeting Guide

19 Resources: Books and Pamphlets Your communication resource also contains two books and several pamphlets for your reference in communicating with parents. Here’s what you get …

20 Pamphlets Let’s talk about … – Mental Math and Estimation: Grades 7–9 – Homework: Grades 7–9 Homework Tips: Grades 7–9 Pamphlets are another good way to get your message about mathematics learning into the hands of parents. Samples of these pamphlets are provided.

21 Pamphlets

22 “This guide is intended to help family members understand changes in mathematics education and to suggest ways that they can support their children’s learning of mathematics.” Book: A Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics

23 “The authors focus on practical ways for teachers to involve students in their own assessment. They provide examples of how students can demonstrate their learning to others and take an active role in conferencing with their parents, or teachers.” Book: Conferencing and Reporting

24 A Final Thought We hope you find all the items in your communication resource helpful. Teachers and administrators can use these resources to make the school’s communication with its parents about mathematics education even MORE effective.

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