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Motivation & Emotion in Everyday Life Mrs. Hensley AP Psych.

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1 Motivation & Emotion in Everyday Life Mrs. Hensley AP Psych

2 Motivational Concepts  Motivation : a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it toward a goal  “the intense love and joy Ralston felt demonstrate the close ties between our emotions and our motivated behaviors  Our motivations arise from the interplay of nature and nurture  3 perspectives psychologists use to understand motivated behaviors  Drive reduction theory  Arousal theory  A hierarchy of needs

3 Question??  For each motive-”how are we pushed by our inborn bodily needs and pulled by incentives in the environment?

4 Drive Reduction Theory  Makes 3 assumptions:  We have physiological needs such as the need for food or water  If a need is not met, it creates a drive, an aroused, motivated state such as hunger or thirst  That drive pushes us to reduce the need by eating or drinking-for example  Homeostasis: our body’s natural tendency to maintain a steady internal state (staying the same)  Incentives

5 Arousal theory  Arousal=energy/tense  Some motivated behaviors increase arousal  Examples???

6 A Hierarchy of Needs  Some needs are more important than others  Abraham Maslow viewed human needs as a pyramid  Discuss hierarchy  Hunger  Need to belong

7 Emotion, Arousal, Behavior & Cognition  Motivated behavior is often connected to powerful emotions  Emotions are our body’s adaptive response, supporting our survival  When we face challenges, emotions focus our attention and energize our action  Heart races, pace quickens, etc.  Emotions are a mix of:  Bodily arousal  Expressive behaviors  Conscious experiences

8 Assignment  Provide adequate explanation of the following:  What physiological factors cause us to feel hungry?  How do psychological, biological, cultural, and situational factors affect our taste preferences and eating habits?  What factors predispose some people to become and remain obese?  What evidence points to our human need to belong?  How does social networking influence us?  Explain the theories of emotion and provide an example of each:  James lange theory  Cannon-bard  Scachter-singer  Zajonc;ledoux  Lazarus

9 Assignment cont’d  What are some basic emotions?  Hat is the link between emotional arousal and the autonomic nervous system?  How do we communicate nonverbally? How do women and men differ in these abilities?  How are nonverbal expressions of emotion understood within and across cultures?  How do facial expressions influence our feelings?

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