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GRIP- IT Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools. (Structural Funds implementation in an integrated approach ) RFO – INTERREGIIIC.

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1 GRIP- IT Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools. (Structural Funds implementation in an integrated approach ) RFO – INTERREGIIIC Operation April 2005 – December 2007 Information for subproject participants Project part- financed from the European union

2 Partners Lead Partner: Hradec Králové Region (Czech Republic) Project partners: Basilicata Region (Italy) West -Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (Hungary) Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Italy)

3 Lead Partner Hradec Králové Region Hradec Kralove Region was appointed a Lead Partner of this project. Lead Partner is responsible for management, implementation and co-ordination of activities among the involved partners. Lead Partner signed Subsidy contract with the Managing Authority and thus undertakes full financial and legal responsibility for the GRIP_IT project, also on behalf of all involved partners. Only the Lead Partner may request payments on the basis of the Subsidy contract.

4 Planned results 1.Effective management procedures and coordination of activities. 2.Subprojects for integrated projects realised in partner regions. 3.Documentation showing the transference of good practises in integrated projects. 4.Document about implementation of integrated project: preparation, managing, finding local partners and finance. 5.Informing partners and public about project progress. 6.Publicity and dissemination of results and outputs project.

5 TIMEFRAME OF THE GRIP-IT OPERATION Preparation of the call for the subproject proposals Call for the subproject proposals Collecting information from the subproject level, formulating of the GRIP-IT results I. Monitoring period II. Monitoring period dissemination of the results workshops, studies Realization of the subprojects 1.7.2006 Starting date of the subproject realization 30.6.2007 Final date for the subproject realization Subproject level RFO GRIP-IT level 04/2005 Starting date of the GRIP-IT operation 12/2007 Final date of the GRIP-IT operation

6 Budget Contribution of ERDF 1 500 000 EUR RegionEUR Allocation for the Subprojects Hradec Králové Region 775 000415 000 Region Basilicata 775 000397 000 West –Transdanubian RDA 200 000115 500 Region Friuli Venezia Giulia375 000225 000 TOTAL2 125 0001 152 600

7 Components RFO GRIP-IT operation level COMPONENT ICOMPONENT IICOMPONENT IIICOMPONENT IV Management and Coordination Realization of Subprojects - regionally integrated projects Innovative methodologies and tools for programming and management Info and publicity. Dissemination of results Responsible partner: Hradec Kralove Region Responsible partner: Basilicata Region Responsible partner: West – Transdanubian RDA Responsible partner: Fruilly Venezia Giulia Region Subproject activities are divided into 3 components: -I. Management and coordination -II. proper content of the subproject realization -III. Info and publicity

8 RFO (Regional Framework Operation) RFO GRIP-IT Lead partner LP RFO GRIP-IT Regional partners RP Subproject Lead participant LPT Subproject Participants PPT Subproject Lead participant LPT Sub-project level RFO GRIP-IT level

9 GRIP_IT Contract framework Subsidy contract Co-operation agreement All regional partners are obliged to sign subsidy contract with their national lead participants involved in specific transnational GRIP_IT sub-projects. (e.g. West Pannon RDA will sign subsidy contract with all Hungarian Lead participants) The contents of unified subsidy contract was approved by all GRIP_IT Regional partners. Unified Subsidy contract means it is the same for all Lead participants. All participants in each sub-project (including Lead participants) shall sign co-operation agreement within each subproject.

10 GRIP_IT Reporting framework (bottom-up)

11 semester progress reports (2 reports during realization of the subprojects) progress report = activity report + audited financial report 1.Each sub-project participant or sub-project lead participant is obliged to have its semester financial report audited. 2.Sub-project participants send their semester progress report consisting of activity report and audited financial report to sub- project Lead participant. 3.Sub-project Lead participants are obliged to have audited the financial report for the sub-project as a whole.

12 GRIP_IT Reporting framework (bottom-up) 4.Sub-project Lead participants send sub-project semester progress report consisting of activity report and audited financial report to their national Regional partner and to the Lead partner of GRIP_IT. 5.On RFO level all Regional partners have their total financial reports audited. 6.Regional Partners send their Confirmation of auditor and financial report to the Lead Partner. 7. Lead partner is obliged to have the whole financial report audited. Then he sends the overall progress report (consisting of Progress report and audited financial report) to the Joint Technical Secretary (JTS) in Vienna.

13 GRIP_IT Reporting framework Audit system GRIP_IT audit system is based on national basis. It means that all partners and sub-project participants are audited in their own countries by appropriate auditor. –In the Czech Republic private auditing company A&CE ( was contracted. A&CE will audit Czech sub- project Participants. –The Lead Partner will be audited by Centre for Regional Development (for more information contact Project coordinator). –In Italy audit of subproject will ensure KPMG and Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports (for more information contact your Regional coordinator). –In Hungary audit of subproject will ensure VÁTI Interreg Office (for more information contact your Regional coordinator). Finally, the whole GRIP_IT project will be audited/certified by Centre for Regional Development, located in the Czech Republic and then submitted to JTS by the Lead Partner. For more information about audit requirements, please see official INTERREG IIIC Audit guidelines:

14 Audit progress I. since the RFO Lead partner of GRIP-IT has strict deadlines for the RFO reporting to the Joint Technical Secretariat of INTERREG IIIC, fixed deadlines have to be used also at sub project’s level. Deadlines on the RFO level Deadline for the RFO progress report (including audited sub project’s reports) Reporting period 28th February 200604/05 – 12/05 31st August 200601/06 – 06/06 28th February 200707/06 – 12/06 31st August 200701/07 – 06/07 28th February 200807/07 – 12/07

15 Audit progress II. Reporting period Deadline for the submission of the progress report 07/06 – 12/0615th February 2007 !!! 01/07 – 06/0715th July 2007 !!! The sub-project Progress report has to be sent twice per year to the RFO Lead Partner and Regional partner within the following deadlines: Deadlines on the subproject level

16 Audit progress III. In order to be able to submit the RFO Progress report in TIME it is important that the procedure of reporting / audit at Sub project’s level is working well. In order to avoid decommittment risk, we recommend: 1. Within the first days of the next reporting period all subproject participants prepare the documents to be sent to the relevant auditor (regional partner of the GRIP-IT or external auditor – CZ participants) in order to obtain the first level certification from the first level auditor.

17 Audit progress IV. 2. The external auditor for CZ and the national auditors for the other participants check all the expenditures. This takes certain time. 3. During this period each single financial manager of the participant will be in touch with the auditor (regional partner of GRIP-IT or with the external auditor – CZ). 4. During this phase the Lead participant has to prepare and collect all the information for the joint Activity report (asking documents and information to participants). 5. Once the first level control certificates the expenditure, the activity progress report has to be completed with the AUDITED FINANCIAL INFORMATION as soon as possible.

18 Audit progress V. 6. The sub project progress report has then to be audited by the Sub- project auditor (auditor of the Lead participant). 7.Once the report is audited, it has to be sent to the Lead Partner of GRIP-IT (responsible for preparing the whole RFO Progress report) and to the Regional partner (responsible for preparing the regional progress report)

19 GRIP_IT Financial Flows (top-down)

20 Financial Flows (top-down) all costs have to be directly paid out by cash from the accounts of the participants. the eligible costs for sub projects will be reimbursed to the participants only after these costs have been paid out by themselves (no advance payments will be available) and on the base of the relevant audited financial report.

21 Eligible expenditures Only cost related to the development of the subproject They have to be occurred and paid out during the subproject realization: after 1.7.2006 and before 30.6.2007 For more information about eligibility of the expenditures, please see official INTERREG IIIC Programme manual:

22 Budget Changes Budget modification with prior notification to the GRIP_IT Steering committee the LPT is entitled to deviate from the original amount in the budget line or components,as stated in the approved application. The deviation is limited to a maximum of € 10.000, or if more, up to 20 % of the original amount. For larger amounts the SC should approve the change Activity modification with prior communication to the Regional Partner the participants will inform the Regional Partner in due time about changes in the activity plan in order to allow the GRIP-IT partnership to evaluate the impact of the changes for the achievement of the results of the project. In case the Regional partner will consider the change a substantial change it will inform the SC in order to adopt the opportune decisions. This communication have to be sent in copy also to RFO Lead partner. It is not possible to increase the total amount of the sub project after its final approval.

23 Hradec Kralove Region Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Basilicata Region West Pannon RDA Iva Krunčíková kruncikova@ +420 495 817 361 +420 724 540 542 Manuela Fischanger manuela.fischanger +39 040 3775996 +39 338 2055420 Biagio Perretti +39 0971205430 +393 473 780 750 Erika K. Fülöp +36-96-319-467 +36-30-2277556 Representatives of the Lead partner and regional partners have to be invited to participate on the meeting of the Steering committee. Lead participant of the subproject is obligated to send invitation for the meeting in advance.

24 Thank you for your attention Successful implementation of your subproject.

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