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Socio-Economic Research Centre ELFitness – LLP KA3 ICT KICK OFF MEETING Rome, 3-5 February 2011.

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1 Socio-Economic Research Centre ELFitness – LLP KA3 ICT KICK OFF MEETING Rome, 3-5 February 2011

2 Funded in 1963 as a non-profit organization, Ceres research centre focuses its activities on economic and social issues. Ceres is member of International networks that cooperate in numerous projects and conferences and is well connected with national and international institutions. The methodology used by Ceres involves both work on desk and work in the field. Ceres uses advanced techniques of modern econometrics, managing large longitudinal, cross section and panel datasets. 1

3 The research carried out by Ceres in the last fifteen years involve aspects specific to the structure and the quality of employment. In its research, Ceres analyses microdata and macrodata, harmonizing different data sources and suggesting strategies to improve data collection at national and international level. The research activity also focuses on the impact of technological, organizational, and market changes on the well being of workers in order to identify policies adequate to reduce/control such problems. 2

4 Ceres is composed of members from the Universities of Rome La Sapienza, Parma and Viterbo and coordinates working groups of Italian and foreign scholars in the implementation of its projects. Ceres carries out research study for the job placement offices of the Universities of Rome Sapienza and Roma III (SOUL system). Ceres also has a close and constant contact with many international institutions in Europe. 4

5 During the course of its activities, Ceres published various reviews dealing, directly or indirectly, with the relationship between education, training and labour. Quaderni di economia del lavoro (Labour Economics Workbooks) is a four-monthly magazine in which the basic results of the research conducted by Ceres collaborators are published. Every issue of the review is distributed to subscribers and to scholars and experts of Labour Economics and politics, trade unionists, entrepreneurs, public officials, at national or international level, and at local or regional level. 5

6 CERES - centro ricerche economiche e sociali 6 Ceres 7 KIND OF ACTIVITIES Questionnaires Constr/adaptation Interviews Comparative studies Socio- labour research in Italy Discussion group Dissemination: Seminars publications E-learning courses

7 CERES - centro ricerche economiche e sociali 7 Ceres - Centro Ricerche Economiche e Sociali Go to content Main menu: Home Page CERES About us The Team Network & Partnership ACTIVITY Activities Research Publishing Project Design & Management Managing conferences and workshops Lifelong Learning RESEARCH Research Research in progress Self-funded Research Recent Research Relevant Research from 1990 to 2004 PUBLICATIONS Publications Labour Economics Workbooks Brochures Welfare of Elderly People CONTACT Our approach Ceres promotes, coordinates and conducts research activities and studies in the economic and social fields. Ceres research focuses on the socio-economic impact of technological, organizational, and market changes in order to identify policies adequate to favour economic growth, local development, employment and welfare in the knowledge society. What we offer We offer a range of research activity services: Project design and Project Cycle Management; Methodology approach Socio-economic analysis Scientific coordination Writing up and editing of reports and publication Dissemination activities and events Expertise and Experience We work closely with university professors and professional experts in a multidisciplinary perspective of openness to innovation covering national and international research, applying what we have learned from international studies with field results. We conduct research on the field and have extensive experience in econometrics and in managing national and international micro-data using modern econometric models. We have considerable knowledge on research and training opportunities connected to EU funding and we liaise with a network of Italian and foreign partners who implement projects of various kinds, including the Lifelong Learning Program and the 7 Framework Program. Back to content | Back to main menuBack to main menu

8 THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION CERES VIA Nomentana nuova 25 ROME TEL. 0039068541016 Fax 0039068173016

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