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AS PRODUCT DESIGN Bridging Unit Pewter Casting Project.

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1 AS PRODUCT DESIGN Bridging Unit Pewter Casting Project

2 You are being asked to research and start your first project for AS Product Design The first project is to produce a piece of Jewellery using Pewter an alloy metal which melts at low temperature. You can base the design on shapes from natural forms, called biomimicry Biomimicry takes its name from the greek words ‘bios’, meaning life and ‘mimesis’, meaning to imitate. As its name might suggest, biomimicry involves the study of nature’s designs and mimicking them to solve human challenges.





7 Produce a moodboard of images from nature to give you inspiration! Remember to write a conclusion and say what you found out. Page 1. Produce a Moodboard

8 Research into Design Movement  Memphis  Bauhaus  Post Modern  Alessi This should be a Moodboard of images with annotation to explain

9 Page 2. Existing Products Research Collect some images of existing Jewellery projects and analyse them. Say what you like about them and comment on design features.

10 Pages 3 & 4. Produce at least 2 pages of Initial Ideas Start with an image from nature – then make it suitable for a piece of jewellery. Simplify and modify the shape until you have explored all possibilities.

11 Imaginative Ideas  Sketches using blue pencil and fine liner with some annotation to explain.  Be creative / imaginative.  Add colour to highlight shapes.  Base designs on chosen design movement.  Think about what the casting will be used for?  Work on A3 paper then scan it in

12 Page 5. A Final Design When you return in September your final design will be developed on the computer using 2 D Design.

13 When we get back …….. We will develop the best idea Using CAD

14 To re-cap the work needed for first lesson in September ……. Moodboard to show theme /target user Look at existing pieces of jewellery and annotate the findings Initial ideas in blue pencil technique 2 Pages Develop a final drawing

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