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College Sports College sports have changed much over time Equipment and rules have certainly changed, but college sports have also grown to impact other.

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2 College Sports College sports have changed much over time Equipment and rules have certainly changed, but college sports have also grown to impact other areas of society: -Economy -Media -College admissions, academics, and revenues

3 College Sports: Early 1900’s Football was only sport that schools sponsored Forward pass was illegal until 1906, and even upon legalization, it was rarely used Equipment was different; little or no padding was used, helmets were not required Due to violence and deaths, the NCAA was created to protect the student athletes and preserve the game of football

4 College Sports: 1950’s Football grew out of World War II and was just beginning to capture America’s attention, but the AFL-NFL merger was still ten years away Basketball was just beginning to gain popularity, and the NCAA tournament was in its beginning stages with only 16 teams NCAA began to require teams to participate in their season-ending tournament

5 College Sports: 1950’s NCAA also controlled the television markets for college football, only allowing a few games to be televised nationally during the year

6 Becoming what it is today In 1984, University of Georgia and University of Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the NCAA based on their monopoly on television markets. The successful lawsuit gave universities more control. The most popular teams, such as Michigan, had nearly all of their games televised, increasing their influence. In college basketball, the NCAA tournament grew gradually, eventually reaching 64 teams in 1986 and becoming a staple of college sports.

7 Notable Rule Changes Football: -Forward pass legalized -Football elongated for better passing -Overtime instituted in 1996 Basketball: -NCAA tournament grew from 4 to 65 -3 point shot instituted for 1987 tournament, changing the game forever. Indiana wins tournament shooting 50.8% from 3

8 Impacting Society College sports have grown to become a major part of American society Increased media exposure as well as increased interest by fans Impacted admissions, academics, and university image

9 NCAA Growth 1950- 387 member schools 2006- 1024 member schools

10 Economic Impact In the 1940’s, the pressure to perform on the field was so great that many schools hired professional players to play for their schools Due to this demand for payment, the NCAA finally allowed scholarships in the 1950’s, giving students an opportunity to gain an education for free

11 Economic Impact Once the NCAA lost exclusive rights to negotiate television broadcasts in 1984, college football and basketball became very prevalent on television, especially with the creation of ESPN Television prominence lead to more money and more exposure for college teams

12 Average Television Revenues SportRevenue NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament$564 million NCAA Football: ACC, Big East, Big-12, Notre Dame, Pac-10 $111 million MLB$550 million NBA$767 million NFL$2.2 billion NHL$120 million

13 Football and Basketball Publicity College Football and basketball now rival the four main professional sports, based on revenues and ticket sales Large influence on the American public

14 Ticket Revenues SportRevenue NCAA Division I Football and Basketball $757 million MLB$671 million NBA$967 million NFL$730 million NHL$731 million

15 Impacts on the Universities Although college basketball and football are high revenue sports, college sports as a whole do not make money Only the most prominent schools are able to turn a profit on their football programs

16 College Football Revenues, 2007-2008 SchoolTotal Revenue Texas$120,288,370 Ohio State$117,953,712 Florida$106,030,895 Michigan$99,027,105 Wisconsin$93,452,334

17 College Football Revenues, 2007-20008 SchoolRevenue Idaho$12,896,488 Louisiana Tech$12,465,865 Louisiana-Lafayette$11,134,598 Arkansas State$10,456,754 Louisiana-Monroe$7,733,035

18 Revenues These numbers show that college football is only a high revenue sport for those at the top of the game Once expenses are accounted for, most schools lose money off of their football team In fact, minus subsidies, only 6% of universities reported making a profit off of their football team in 2001

19 Division I-A Profits 199319951997199920012003 -$254,000-$243,000-$936,000$0-$654,000-$633,000

20 Profits As we see on the previous slide, most universities actually lose money on their college sports. Universities are supposed to be academics-driven, but sports can take some funding away from academics

21 Benefits to Universities Robert Sandy and Peter Sloane found that universities that went to a bowl game within 5 years or moved from division I-AA to I-A actually had an increase of 12-13 points in their incoming students’ SAT scores Also, by becoming a Division I-A football team, universities increased their size by about 2,000 students

22 Benefits to Universities College sports give universities much needed publicity College sports give alumni a way to continue to connect with their alma mater even after graduation, often leading to increased alumni donations.

23 Overall Impacts Today College Sports influence us through: -Economic Issues -Issues involving academics and admissions to Universities -Constant media exposure They are extremely influential, and will be in the future

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