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Keith Gorman Alcohol and the workplace. 2 What will be covered Current UK and local position How alcohol can affect business Identifying problems in the.

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1 Keith Gorman Alcohol and the workplace

2 2 What will be covered Current UK and local position How alcohol can affect business Identifying problems in the workplace Alcohol policies Legal issues Support and referrals Gaining further information/ resources

3 3 Current UK and local position Cabinet office 2003 17 million workdays lost each year England £6.4 billion each year – economic costs

4 4 Health@Work/ JMU research study Employer responses 28% companies have been negatively affected by alcohol 1/3 negatively affected by employee drinking outside of work Over half employers thought alcohol contributed to sickness absence Several employers had dealt with alcohol related problems with employees (some resulting in dismissal) Most noted sickness levels increased following sporting events (football, rugby etc) the night before

5 Employee responses 1/6 reported being late as result of alcohol consumption 5 1 in 5 reported arriving at work with hangover at least once in past 2 weeks

6 6 How can alcohol affect organisations? DIRECT Employees health Unsafe acts Civil claims for injuries/ damages Loss of productivity – increase sickness absence Low staff moral Customer relations/ public perception Breaking of the law INDIRECT Management time dealing with problems, friction with employees, higher staff turnover, disciplinary actions, health and safety implications

7 7 How to identify problems Poor performance/ timekeeping Increased sickness absence Deteriorating relationships Accidents/ incidents Mood swings, anxiety and depression Changes in personal appearance Providing suitable staff training and information will help identify problems early

8 8 Why have a written policy? Clarify position Explain how organisation will deal with problems Show level of support for people with problems Build confidence in coming forward for help Send out clear message to employees that alcohol and work do not mix Comply with employment and health and safety law Clear procedure to effectively manage alcohol related problems at early stage Shows that employer is proactive with healthy workplace

9 What does a good policy look like? 9 Alcohol, Drug and Substance Misuse Policy Active date: 26.04.07 Introduction Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority (‘the Authority’) is concerned with the general health, wellness and welfare of all its employees and to this end aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel. This document sets out the Authority’s policy in respect of employees whose proper performance, whilst at work, is impaired as a result of the taking of drugs or the consumption of alcohol. Aims of the Policy Misuse of alcohol and drugs has the potential to adversely affect the health and quality of life of the individual, impair the ability to carry out duties efficiently, effectively and safely, jeopardise the safety of other personnel and members of the public and, ultimately impair the ability of the Authority to fulfil its commitments. Raising Awareness The Authority will institute a programme of health promotion initiatives, which will ensure that employees are made aware of the problems and risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse, the signs and symptoms of abuse, and the method of seeking confidential treatment, guidance and advice.

10 10 Management Responsibilities Individual Responsibilities Alcohol/Substance Abuse Pathway of Care Referral and Diagnosis Employee Voluntarily or Occupational Health Agreed Treatment Programme Assessment Period

11 11 Legal issues Health and Safety at Work Act Transport and Works Act Railway and Transport safety Act Management of Health and Safety at Work Reg’s Provision and use of Work Equipment Reg’s Corporate Manslaughter Employment rights Act Civil actions

12 12 Alcohol risk assessment ActivityHazardRiskControlsFurther controls Employee operating dangerous machinery under influence of alcohol Inability to operate machinery Delayed reactions Affected judgement Likely Injury to employee Injury to others Damage to equipment Safe use of equipment assessed Employee training Management supervision Accidents/ incidents monitored for alcohol influence Develop and circulate policy Knowingly allowing employees to work under influence Allowing potentially unsafe acts Ignoring problems Not dealing with issues Injury to employees and others Company liable to prosecutions and civil claims Potential damage to work equipment Staff issued with copy of policy at induction Staff informed – working under influence not acceptable Refresher information circulated regularly Supervisors made aware of policy and need to police policy Attending meetings offsite where alcohol is available Driving under influence Allowing potentially unsafe acts Legal aspect of driving under influence, loss of licence, accidents, deaths Client perception, damage to business Policy in place and circulated Employees not allowed to drink during work hours Provide taxi/ transport Training, information and supervision Hosting corporate event Unsafe acts Fights Slips, trips, falls Claims for injury/ damages Injury to employees or others Organise event in safe environment Offer non alcoholic drinks Provide food Organise transport Managers do not drink during event Transport arranged

13 Supporting staff Clear policy What support is offered Access to leaflets and information Occupational health Share best practice Referred to specialist Paid time off 13

14 14 Hosting events Increase in civil claims Accidents Fights/ Bullying Sexual harassment claims Positive actions include: Organise well in advance Provide food Alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks Transport Serve measures

15 Gaining further information/ resources Local primary care trusts & health promotions department British heart foundation Drink Aware 15

16 Health@Work resources 16

17 Keith Gorman Alcohol and the workplace 0151 236 6608 17

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