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Garrison Army Public School

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1 Garrison Army Public School
1, Michni Lane, Baber Road Peshawar Cantt

2 Myself Hello, my name is Zarak Khan Niazi. I was born in Attock on 5th may,1998. I am thirteen years old. I live in Peshawar, Pakistan. I study in class 7th. I have four brothers & no sister. I belong to Shabqadar, Peshawar.

3 My Hobbies & Interest My hobbies are :- playing basketball, cricket, studying, playing games on computer etc. I am a fun loving and a decent child and I like decent people too. In a leisure time, I sometimes listen to the music and go outside with my friends to play cricket or badminton. In food ,I like any type of rice and my favourite colour is blue.

4 My Good Qualities My good habit is that I (regularly) pray five times a day. My goal in life is to be able to help needy people to improve their quality of life and I like those people who work hard to achieve success because hard-working is what makes person a successful human being. Mostly my friends consider me a best friend because I am very friendly with them.


6 INTRODUCTION My name is Mashal Shahid.
My father name is Shahid Ahmad Khalil. I belong from Peshawar, K.P.K. ,Pakistan. My mother tongue is Pashto. I was born on 12\Nov\1998. I am student of Grade VII. I study in Garrison Army Public School, Peshawar.

7 HOBBIES I am fond of reading books. I also like to cook.
I am a good player of badminton and cricket. I spent most of my leisure time in reading informative books and magazines. I have plenty of perfumes and like to make collection of jewelry.

8 STUDENT LIFE I am good at studies & also a position holder of class.
I am a good reader and debater. I am good in Maths & History. I proudly participate in all the activities. I have also won many sports competitions.

9 MYSELF My name is Mohib Ali Shah. I am 12 years old.
My date of birth is May 7th 1999. I am in class 7th. we are four family members

10 INTERESTS My hobbies are swimming, horse riding , listening to songs , squash , reading books and playing games with my friends I like to eat spicy foods and I also do like sweet dishes. My favorite colour is blue and indigo. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life.

11 MY AIM OF LIFE My dream is to be an engineer of cars and I work hard to make my dream come true.I would be very happy if I succeeded in my studies.

12 Personal information My name is Huzaifa-Bin-Sohail. I read in class 7.
I am 12 years old. My date of birth is 15th March,1999. My school’s name is Garrison Army Public school Peshawar Cantt. We are three brothers and sisters. I am the elder brother and I have two younger sisters , one is 4 years old and the other is 7 months old. I live in Peshawar , Pakistan.

13 Hobbies My hobbies are reading books , playing games on computer , swimming and playing cricket. When ever I am free I read books. I play games on computer after study is complete. In the evening I play cricket or go to swimming. Sometimes I play cricket in my home and sometimes in my friends home.

14 Favourite Dishes My fovourite dishes are chinese rice with chicken manchurian , roast chicken ,burgers,pizza,chicken shawarma , french fries and noodles. I tell my mother to cook Chinese rice with chicken munchurine on every weekend because I love it a lot. I eat burgers , pizza, chicken shawarma once or twice a month because a lot is not good for our health. I eat noodles and french fries on alternate days.

15 About My Self My name is Afaq. I live near, airport shaheen camp askari 5. My hobby is drawing. I study in Garrison Army public school. I study in Garrison Army public school. My school is very good, it is located in a very pleasant place near Michni lane. Here study is very good, we enjoy very much, we also do physical activities. Every week there is a games period, a library period, in which we are supposed to read books. We can also issue them. It’s fun to study here.

16 MY SELF Name: Muhammad Umar Father Name: Lt Col Allauddin
Brothers/Sisters: One sister D.O.B: 01-July-1999 Class : 7th School: Garrison Army Public School, Peshawar Cantt. Blood Group: B +ve Address: H.No. 58/B, Babar Road, Peshawar Cantt.

17 MY DAILY ROUTINE I belong to Peshawar. I have one sister elder then me. Her name is Aneesa Durrani. She is student of class 10th. My routine life is very eventfull. I start my day by the Holy name of Allah. After having breakfast i go to school, where beside learning I enjoy the company of my class mates and my teachers. During sports period we play different games. After coming back from school I take my lunch with my family. Then i take some rest after which I do my assingments given by my teachers. After my studies in the evening I go to Garrison Club for playing games and swimming with my friends. After my these evening activities I watch T.V. for some time. Then I enjoy my dinner with my family.

18 MY HOBBIES Games: Badminton, Cricket, Hockey.
Interests: Swimming, Hiking, Jogging,Riding, Favourities : Cooking, Painting, Story Writting,

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