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SEALS Welcome to Selinsgrove Elementary’s Kindergarten Literacy Night!

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1 SEALS Welcome to Selinsgrove Elementary’s Kindergarten Literacy Night!



4 Using a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to describe an event, including his or her reaction to what happened. Retelling familiar stories and talking about stories read to them using details for the text.

5 Comparing the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories, such as fairy tales and folktales. With prompting and support, identify basic similarities and differences between two texts (read or read aloud) on the same topic. Asking and answering questions about main idea and key details in stories given prompting and support.

6 o KtO Grant – Various Trainings scheduled o Teachers receiving literacy training continually o One of the keys for literacy is oral communication

7 o Talk with youngsters – make it interactive! o The more talkative the environment, the more their literacy skills are developed o Distinguish between “business” talk and other talk Talk!

8 Grocery Store “Stop that, get down, etc.” “Look at these carrots. Do you see what color they are?” vs.

9 After School “How was your day?” “What did you do in Math today?” vs. “Did you have a nice day?” “What was your favorite part of your day?”

10 Beginning Reading Skills You Can Practice With Your Child

11 o Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, distinguish, recognize, and manipulate sounds in words. o Research has shown this to be essential for reading success!

12 1. Rhyming in the Car cat/hat 2. Rhyme Out

13 3. Sound Spy 4. Sound Spy 2 mat dog mouse mat cat dog

14 5. Sound Spy 3 6. Say & Clap kan- -ga--roo

15 7. Let’s Play With Our Food 8. Let’s Manipulate Sounds last p

16 9. Guess My Word /p/ /i//g/ 10. Count the Sounds /d/ /o//g/ 123

17 o Phonics allows your child to connect the sounds he hears to the written letter or word.

18 1. The ABC Game 2. I Spy A Letter

19 3. Order It 4. Letter Detective

20 5. Play With Your Food 6. Letter Bag

21 7. Playdoh Letters 8. Play Letter Memory

22 9. Play First Sound Memory 10. Let’s Write Words t o p

23 What are they? High frequency words are the words that appear frequently in printed material (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.). These words might also be called sight words. Often, these words do not follow phonics rules. Why are they important? High frequency words make up the majority of the words a child will read. Most of the time high frequency words cannot be sounded out and have to be memorized by sight. If children can recognize these words easily, they will be able to focus less on decoding (sounding out words), have better reading fluency, and better comprehension.

24 What can we do at home? Provide a little practice as often as you can! We are going to give you some ways besides flashcards to practice high frequency words at home. 1. Write and Read 2. Word Spinners 3. Pop!

25 4. Concentration/Memory 5. Sight Word Spotlight 6. Roll and Read 7. Game Board

26 8. Draw A Bug 9. Go Fish 11. Rhyme the Word 10. Say a Sentence

27 o Read aloud every day! o Answer your child’s questions, even if they interrupt the story.

28 o Talk as you read. Ask questions like: “What do you think is going to happen next?” “Why did that character do that?” “What would you do?”

29 o Don’t use books that are not interesting to your child. o Encourage your child!

30 o Have your child retell the story in his or her own words. o After finishing the book, talk with your child about what you read.

31 Guided Reading Guided reading occurs when a teacher meets with a small, flexible group of students with a common reading goal. During guided reading, your child has the opportunity to develop reading strategies in order to read increasingly difficult stories independently.

32 Thank You for Attending Selinsgrove Elementary’s Kindergarten Literacy Night!

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