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Oral Health in Head Start What do the Performance Standards say?

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1 Oral Health in Head Start What do the Performance Standards say?

2 Prevention is Key Preventive dental services and treatment are designed to ensure that a child’s teeth and gums are healthy, and that dental health problems do not affect a child’s overall health

3 Determining Child Health Status 1034.20(a) Determine if the child has a Dental “home” Obtain from a health (dental) care professional a determination as to whether the child is up-to-date according to the state EPSDT periodicity schedule

4 Begin with an Examination Arkansas EPSDT regulations: Routine Dental referrals are made at: 6 – 9 months 12 – 15 months 18 – 24 months Thereafter at each EPSDT screening

5 In Arkansas Children 12 months or over are eligible for periodic dental exams twice a year

6 AR Kids 1 st enrollees Newborn to 12 months are eligible for one dental screen 12 months to 21 years are eligible for one dental screen and one prophylaxis/fluoride every 150 days

7 Dental Follow-up & Treatment 1304.20(c)(3)(i) & (ii) Fluoride supplements and/or fluoride treatments Other necessary preventative measures recommended by the Dentist Further dental treatment as recommended by the Dentist

8 Dental Hygiene 1304.23(b)(3) Staff must promote effective dental hygiene among children in conjunction with meals

9 Dental Hygiene Effective dental hygiene practices vary according to the developmental level and age of the child. The Head Start Performance Standards provide a listing of strategies to promote effective dental hygiene

10 Dental Hygiene For most pre-school aged children, teacher demonstration, modeling and verbal encouragement, along with daily opportunities to practice toothbrushing are the most effective strategies.

11 On going Care 1304.20(d ) Implement ongoing procedures by which Head Start/EHS staff can identify new or recurring dental concerns, so they may quickly make appropriate referrals

12 Individualization 1304.20(f )(1) Staff use multiple sources of information to individualize the program for each child Screening results Observations Parental consultation Medical/Dental evaluations & treatment

13 Health Emergency Procedures 1304.22(a) Programs must establish and implement policies & procedures to respond to medical & dental emergencies Staff must be trained and familiar with these policies & procedures

14 Educating Children 1304.21(c)(1)(III) Staff must integrate all aspects of medical and dental health, nutrition and mental wellness into the program activities

15 Parent Involvement 1304.40(f)(1) & (2) Programs must provide a variety of educational opportunities which include Medical, Dental, Nutrition, and Mental Health information for Staff, Parents & Families

16 Parent Involvement 1304.40(f)(2)(i) The Health and Dental education program must assist parents in: Understanding how to enroll & participate in a system of ongoing family health care, which include medical, dental, nutrition & mental wellness

17 Parent Involvement 1304.40(f)(2)(ii) The Health and Dental education program must encourage parents to : Become active partners in their child’s medical and dental health care process Accompany their child to examinations and follow-up appointments

18 Parent Involvement 1304.40(f)(2)(iii) The Health and Dental education program must provide parents with: Opportunities to learn principles of preventative medical & dental health Information specific to the health/dental needs of their child & family

19 Community Partnerships 1304.41(a)(2)(i) The program must take affirmative steps to establish ongoing collaborative relationships with: Health care providers such as clinics, physicians, dentists, and other health care professionals

20 Community Partnerships 1304.41(b) The program must establish and maintain a Health Services Advisory Committee which includes parents, professionals and other volunteers from the community

21 Human Resources Management 1304.52(a)(2)(ii) Agencies must ensure that that certain management functions are formally assigned to and adopted by staff within the program Management of health services including child medical, dental, mental health and nutrition

22 Keep those smiles healthy and bright!

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