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+ NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement William Breeman.

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1 + NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement William Breeman

2 + What is NAFTA? NAFTA is between the US, Canada & Mexico Mainly Economic Signed in December 1992 In effect on January 1, 1994 18 Years Old

3 + Members (Big Shocker Here) The United States of America (USA) The United Mexican States (Mexico) Canada

4 + Purpose? Eliminate tariffs & barriers Promote fair & free trade Regional cooperation-Secretariat Trade disputes Protection: property & rights Settlements Increase investments

5 + “Terms to Know” Dumping: selling goods in foreign markets at prices lower than those in the home market Antidumping (AD): a special tax is imposed on dumped goods to protect the domestic market & industry Subsidy: money granted by the government to assist an industry or business so it can remain competitive Countervailing Duty (CVD): imposed on imported goods to protect domestic industry by subsidized imports from other countries Injury: caused by dumped or subsidized goods that damage the domestic market (decreased profit, lost sales, etc.)

6 + Is NAFTA Good Or Bad?

7 + NAFTA’s Advantages No tariffs between member nations Minimal between Mexico & Canada Mainly on agriculture (Eggs, Wheat, etc.) Profits for businesses increased Trade increased $2.6 billion in trade a day (2008)

8 +

9 + NAFTA’s Disadvantages Hurts citizens in member nations Lowered wages, job loss, etc. Manufacturing & Agriculture Increase in pollution Air, water, toxin, etc. Mainly in USA Increased poverty Mainly in Mexico

10 +

11 + NAFTA’s Overall Impact Overall job increase 23% Increase: ~40 million workers (2008) Lower pay Increased trade between member countries Decrease in domestic markets “Deindustrialization” in US & Canada Mexico: Chiapas Rebellion Zapatistas & upset farmers

12 + Works Cited “Home.” NAFTANOW.ORG. 11/25/2010. 3/21/2012. “Frequently Asked Questions.” NAFTA Secretariat. 6/9/2010. 3/21/2012. http://www.nafta-sec- Reinert, Kenneth A., Roland-Holst, David W. “The Industrial Pollution Impacts of NAFTA.” November 2000. 3/22/2012. /pdfs/Reinert.pdf. /pdfs/Reinert.pdf “North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).” USDA. 6/30/2012. 3/21/2012. “North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).” Public Citizen. 2012. 3/22/2012.

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