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Indiana Advanced Manufacturing Education Collaborative (IAMEC) Grant Overview.

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1 Indiana Advanced Manufacturing Education Collaborative (IAMEC) Grant Overview

2 Vearl D. Turnpaugh Executive Director of Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives

3 Grant Regions Lafayette Terre Haute Indianapolis Richmond Columbus Madison Evansville

4 In November of 2006, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana was awarded a $1.86 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The $1.86 million dollar award was the largest High Growth Job Training Initiative (HGJTI) grant awarded within the funded sector of Advanced Manufacturing.

5 High Growth Job Training Initiative (HGJTI) For Advanced Manufacturing More specifically the High Growth Job Training Initiative targets three primary workforce issues: Training for Innovation Increasing the skills of incumbent workers for new manufacturing technologies and processes Developing training programs that fit employer needs and constraints Creating integrated training programs for a company’s chain of suppliers Pipeline Improving the public image of the industry in order to generate interest in manufacturing careers Develop 21st century recruitment strategies Addressing demographic shifts, including the retirement of the Baby Boomers, integrating the foreign-born workforce, and utilizing displaced workers and other alternative labor pools Improving the basic employability skills of entry-level workers Capacity Building Finding qualified instructors Updating equipment for training Defining competencies and career ladders and lattices

6 Education Government Industry Student Grant Initiatives Advanced Manufacturing Skills Pipeline Training New Paths Capacity Building Training Curriculum/Degree Advanced Levels Manufacturing Centers COOP/Internship Current Skills Gap Manufacturing Centers Upgrade Employee Levels Analyze Future Skills Gap Stabilize Current Gap Develop Statewide Strategies Reporting Deliverables Curriculum/Degree Approval The Triple Spiral Principle Industry/Education/Government The Basis of Common Factors Student/Manufacturing Skills/Grant Initiatives


8 Pre-Foundational or Basic skills – $157,500 (150 Students/Workers) Many portions of Indiana face severe challenges in initial manufacturing employability skills of potential employees. Potential employers encounter a pre-employment workforce that is deficient in Math, Reading, and Learning skills. This program will deliver pre- employment training in basic manufacturing competencies to help workers reach threshold skills for employability in manufacturing and for entry to certification training.

9 MSSC Production Certification - $322,000 (140 Students/Workers) Ivy Tech has had success with implementing the Manufacturing Standards Skill Council MSSC certification program throughout the state. The MSSC curriculum offers production level skills in the areas of Manufacturing Processes, Quality Control, Safety, and Technical skills.

10 MSSC Online Curriculum Powered by Amatrol 43 Online Curriculum Units Total (Full Modular Course or Fast Track) Safety Module…….9 units Quality Module……10 units Production Module. 9 units Maint. Module…….15 units Unit length 2 hrs nominal for Integrated and Modular 1 hr nominal for Fast Track Unit Content Contains content for 100% of assessment

11 MSSC Online Unit Skill Features Virtual trainers Interactive hands-on training Integrated step by step directions Learner Feedback Teacher involvement

12 Technical Skills Training for Employees - $161,000 (260 Students/Workers) Provide training and coursework in intermediate level technical skills and intermediate skills in process, analytical skills and organizational competencies. These technical skills represent the areas most commonly encountered while troubleshooting and repairing advanced manufacturing systems. Some areas of competency include; multi-craft maintenance, motor controls, welding, machine maintenance, blueprint reading, quality processes, pneumatics, hydraulics, computer controlled processes, and robotics.

13 Design and Implementation of a new Advanced Manufacturing Curriculum for Ivy Tech The outcome of this capacity building activity will be a new curriculum and associate degree submitted to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. This responsive program will provide for development of true pathways into and through certificate and degree programs and to ensure that certificate and degree programs are built around the expressed needs of advanced manufacturers. The degree program will enable students to articulate between Ivy Tech and Purdue University

14 Indiana Advanced Manufacturing Educational Collaborative Advanced Manufacturing Master Listing of Skills  Manufacturing Enterprise  Math Concepts  Computer Concepts  Electro- Mechanical/Multicraft  PLC Skills  CNC Skills  Robotics Skills  Quality Systems  Lean Concepts  Problem Solving  Troubleshooting  Teamwork  Leadership Concepts  Technical Skills  Hands – on Approach  System Structure



17 Continued Development of Purdue’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Certificate Program. Courses include: Continuous Improvement in Product Development Design of quality processes Minimizing the Environmental Impacts of Advanced Manufacturing Design and Implementation of an Integrated Digital Manufacturing Certificate Program. Courses to be developed include: Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Application of Digital Manufacturing Product Data Management Manufacturing Engineering Training using video iPod Technology Courses to be developed include: Fundamentals of Robust Engineering, and five other iPod courses for a total of six courses Purdue Grant Solutions College of Technology/College of Engineering

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