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Visual Communications

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1 Visual Communications
Normal Community High School Business Department Why & How?

2 Advantages of Visuals Increase learning Increase retention
Improves presentation effectiveness Enhances speakers image Audience will form an impression of: Content You

3 Impact of Visuals for Learning
83% Percent of Senses Used in Learning 11% 3.5% 1% 1.5% Source: “The Blended Approach to e-Learning: Practical Tips and Examples,” TechLearn 1000-in e-learning, January 2010, p.39

4 How can you achieve this?

5 Presentation Process NCHS History Pick topic Research topic
Collect information Organize information Introduction Importance Origin Body Building Issues Athletics New construction Conclusion Review Outlook

6 Top 10 Design Principles 10 simple rules Universal Somewhat flexible
Depends on use or need

7 Rule #1 Keep it Simple – Be Consistent
Don’t overdo presentation with too many: Sounds Clipart images Pictures Animations

8 Rule #2 Bad Good Best Bad Good Best A good color scheme is imperative
Light on dark Dark on light Our eyes like contrasting colors Bad Good Best Bad Good Best

9 Rule #3 6 Lines 6 Words 36 Words Per Slide No sentences
Rule of 36 Exceptions to the rule Questions Quotes Notes/Definitions 6 Words 36 Words Per Slide

10 Rule #4 Use template appropriate for topic
Can be strongest element of presentation Change color scheme to match

11 Rule #5 Fonts are very important Readability vs. Decretive Avoid:
ALL CAPS All italics All bold All underlined

12 Very large fonts Rule #5 - Continued Script fonts Avoid:
Very small fonts Very large fonts

13 Rule #6 Consistent slide transitions Avoid
Stick with one for most slides Can use second for emphasis Avoid Different transitions on all slides Too fast Too slow Annoying

14 What is a transition? Movement from one slide to the next
Return to Rule 6

15 Rule #7 Consistent animations Stick with one for headers & text
Stick with one for pictures May change for emphasis

16 Text is animated to build the content
What is an animation? Movement on the slide Used to: Build list Add visual appeal Text is animated to build the content Return to Rule 7

17 Rule #7 - Continued Avoid: Text flying over/under pictures/text
Very slow movement Very fast movement Annoying movement

18 Rule #8 Consistent clipart/photos Consistency in: Avoid:
Tone (serious/funny) Style (color/lines) Avoid: Clipart with photos on same slide

19 Rule #8 - Continued Bad example (clipart with photo)
Good example (clipart with clipart)

20 Use Slide Sorter view for overview
Rule #9 Don’t over or under do images 5 images on 1 slide = too much 1 image on 5 slides = too little Use Slide Sorter view for overview

21 Rule #10 Placement of images and text is important
Try to balance slide Text Images Use different layouts

22 Practice Creating slideshows Presenting with slideshow

23 Conclusion Visual are imperative Presentation process
Pick and research topic Organize topic Follow top 10 design principles Consistency Rule of 36 Readability Professionalism

24 Questions?

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