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New Features of Boardmaker Version 6

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1 New Features of Boardmaker Version 6

2 Dashed Borders Make a button Select button by clicking on left side of mouse Right click on mouse Click properties Select dashed borders

3 Easier Board Sharing Click file Select export Click current board to a version 5.3 Click file Select export Select folder of boards to a package. This allows you to send many files all at once to an email. It compresses the file size.

4 Resizing Click on button Click control and shift and move with mouse. You can do this with more than one button. This is good to use when you want to make a series of buttons and symbols bigger or smaller. The buttons and symbols are proportionate.

5 Drag and Drop Boardmaker needs to be opened and can be seen at bottom of computer. Open up google images. Find a picture. Click and hold mouse on google image and drag to Boardmaker. Use mouse to symbol finder box and let go of mouse. The picture will be imported into symbol finder.

6 Drag and Drop You can also drag and drop pictures from your computer. Go to my computers Select picture Click and hold mouse and drag to Boardmaker Go to symbol finder box and let go of mouse. You can rename symbol if you want. You can add more than 1 photo at a time.

7 Free Form Click on free form button. Draw any shape. Hit control and draw shape. This will make straight lines. You can select corner tool and select different shapes.

8 Alignment and Centering Select buttons Right click on mouse Select alignment Align left sides. You can use this to also change color of fonts, Size of fonts, centering.

9 Swap You have 2 buttons on the screen. Select both buttons Hit alt and move 1 button to the other one and let go. The buttons including pictures will swap.

10 Shuffle Select all buttons. Click on edit. Click on shuffle The pictures will move positions. This is great for bingo.

11 Symbolate Select symbolate button which is A with the face. Make a button. Type a sentence. Picture symbols will appear for every word you type.

12 Symbolate Highlight a word. Hit f2 on computer. The picture will change. Double click above word to make a default picture. Right click to make symbol smaller or change text position.

13 Symbolate Double click above word to add new symbol to symbol finder. Add new pictures to symbol finder by dragging and dropping. If you want to make one symbol for two words, type underscore between the two words.

14 You can go to this website and select recorded trainings. You can watch different trainings online to learn more. The above website is a great resource to share and download already created Boardmaker files.

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