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MONTH 201 High Impact Digital Marketing For Manufacturers BY BLASTMEDIA June 11, 2014.

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1 MONTH 201 High Impact Digital Marketing For Manufacturers BY BLASTMEDIA June 11, 2014

2 Who am I? Jeff Gasior Vice President at BLASTmedia Past Digital Work Experience: University of Phoenix Harrison College Boys & Girls Clubs

3 Who is BLASTmedia? BLASTmedia is an agency that solves our clients most significant marketing challenges. By using the right combination of earned, owned and paid media, BLASTmedia influences customers to behave in meaningful ways for our clients. Headquartered: Indianapolis, IN Founded: 2005 Employees: 30


5 Why Should you Care about Digital Media? 70% of industrial professionals use search engines when comparing and evaluating potential suppliers 86% of industrial professionals utilize search engines for work-related purposes 84% of industrial professionals use the Internet to find components, equipment and services 74% use the Internet to compare products across suppliers

6 How do you take advantage of that information?


8 PAID MEDIA CAPABILITIES Social Media Platforms Facebook YouTube LinkedIn StumbleUpon Reddit Search/Display Platforms AdWords Microsoft Exchange In-App Platforms iAd AdMob Social Influencers Social Reactor IZEA Sponsorships Internet Radio/TV Pandora Spotify

9 Paid Digital Marketing SEM Search Engine Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimization PPC Pay-Per-Click Marketing


11 Facebook Platform Execution Having engaging, relevant and timely posts on Facebook will help continue to establish your brand as a trusted source of information, an avenue to engage with current or future clients and providing industry relevant news to help establish your brand as an industry thought leader. Facebook’s Reach: - 1.23 Billion monthly active users Worldwide - 757 Million people log onto Facebook daily - 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical to their business

12 Twitter Platform Execution Twitter is the perfect platform for real-time sharing and interaction. As you aim to continue to grow the awareness of your brand, Twitter will be a great place to ask our followers what resonates with them, diversify the current messaging to reach a new potential audience and engage those that currently follow you and to grow brand awareness. Twitter’s Reach: - 36 Million unique visitors to a month - 100 Million daily active users - 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from brands they follow -70% of small businesses are on Twitter

13 YouTube Platform Execution YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. With YouTube currently influencing 57% of all purchases, this platform lends itself as the ideal space to tell any brands story. YouTube’s Reach: - #2 Search engine in the world - 4 Billion video views daily - Advertisers spent $5.6 billion on YouTube in 2013

14 Website Optimization and Analytics Website Optimization SEO Blogs Landing Pages Why is this important? Google Analytics Conversion Tracking








22 MONTH 201 Questions?

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