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Preparing for departure Confirmed dates and itinerary Itinerary Coverage plan Passports and visas Emergency contacts Tipping Spending money Packing Flights.

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2 Preparing for departure Confirmed dates and itinerary Itinerary Coverage plan Passports and visas Emergency contacts Tipping Spending money Packing Flights Arrival Tour Director Hotels Rooming Meals Your resources Tools to travel with A world of support

3 Our Confirmed Tour: Culture and Service in the Dominican Republic Our Confirmed Departure Date: 6/22/2015 Our Confirmed Return Date: 6/29/2015

4 Our Itinerary:

5 Your plan covers: Illness and accident Baggage and property Tour cancellation and interruption Flight delay 24-hour access to an English-speaking representative If you have any questions about the coverage plan, call EF Customer Service at 800-665-5364. All-Inclusive Coverage Plan

6 All travelers are responsible for securing necessary documentation Carry a copy of your passport with you and also leave a copy at home. Some destinations may require travel visas. Any additional info required by teacher Passports and visas Valid passports are required for all travelers. Name and gender listed on your EF account must exactly match passport information. Passports must be valid for 6 months after tour. Non-U.S. citizens may require special visas or other travel documents.

7 EF will use the emergency contact list if they need to communicate any information while we’re on tour. Emergency contacts cannot be traveling with this group and must be available for the duration of the tour. Confirm your emergency contacts prior to departure. Make sure your information is correct and up to date. All changes can be made on your personalized website. Emergency contacts

8 ATMs are the best way to get money. Don’t bring traveler’s checks, which can be difficult to cash. Notify your bank or credit card company that you’ll be abroad. Bring the equivalent of $30 - 40 in the currency of your arrival destination. We are responsible for tipping. The tipping breakdown is below: $6 per person per day for TD - for 8 days ($48) $3 per person per day for the coach driver (the numbers listed below include days for optional excursions) - for 5 days ($15) $2 per person for each local guide -3 guides ($6) Total: $69.00 Paid to LTHS Spanish Club (by next meeting) Spending money

9 Meals Breakfast typically includes cereal, bread, juice, coffee and tea. Dinners will be a mix of local cuisine and familiar dishes and will be a preset meal for our entire group, rather than ordering from a menu. Food portions are smaller than they are in the U.S. Table water is included; other beverages are an additional cost. Bottled water is included in countries where it is deemed necessary. Inform us of any allergies.

10 Packing Pack light: We will be responsible for loading our own luggage on and off the bus and into hotels. You are responsible for any luggage handling fees charged by the airlines. See the fees at Carry any valuables or medications in your EF backpack or carry-on. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost. A full packing list can be found in the Tour Handbook or at

11 Departure: 6/22/15 1:30pm LTHS (be there at 1:15) Return: 6/29/15 8:25pm LTHS Bus fee: $121.00 All students MUST ride on the bus to and from airport Flights

12 We’ll meet our Tour Director once we have cleared customs and claimed our baggage. We might have to wait at the airport for other groups. We will start the tour right away and won’t check in to our hotel until the end of the day. Staying awake throughout the arrival day is the best way to beat jet lag. Taking a nap might make you feel worse. Arrival

13 Our dedicated Tour Director will be with us the whole time to handle logistics and provide suggestions for activities. All Tour Directors are trained to handle challenging situations and emergencies that might arise. Tour Directors have 24-hour access to local EF offices, as well as our worldwide and North American headquarters. Tour Director

14 Tour Handbook: You should have received this 30 days after enrollment. Safety Handbook: Look for it in the mail about 50 days prior to departure. Personalized website: Log in to watch destination videos, review your itinerary and find hotel and flight information as it becomes available. Your resources

15 EF Backpack: Great for your carry-on bag or for use during the day. Emergency Calling Instructions card: How to reach the local equivalent of 911 while abroad. Tools to travel with Only dial this number in the event of an emergency.

16 A world of support EF Emergency Service Team numbers From the U.S.: 800-637-8222 While abroad: 001-617-619-2913

17 The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

18 Rules on Trip See handout – Service project code Failure to follow school policy will result in a return home at your expense!

19 I-pads policy Turn in with other students iPad pick up in main office: June 15 th Wipe in when they return: iPads need turned back Monday July 6 th

20 For the next meeting: You will need: Check made payable to LTHS Spanish Club: Dominican card - $10.00 Tipping: $69.00 Bus: $121 T-shirt: $8.25 Total: $208.25 Surfing -- $40 Passports Emergency contact iPad usage form

21 The next meeting, you will receive… Backpack Hotel information (with hotel card) – 30 days prior Luggage marker Placement? -14 days prior Tour director info? – 30 days prior Service project info? NEXT MEETING: JUNE 2, 2015 6:00pm MANDATORY

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