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{ Emphysema Do you have it or do you not??????????

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1 { Emphysema Do you have it or do you not??????????

2  Coughing, with or without mucus  Constant tiredness  Many respiratory infections  Shortness of breath (dyspnea) that gets worse with mild activity  Trouble catching one's breath  Wheezing Are you suffering from the following symptoms? THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE ………….EMPHYSEMA!!!!!!!!!!

3  Some of the earliest references to Emphysema include the Bonet’s description of “volumus lungs” 1679  There were 19 cases in which the lungs were “turgid”, particularly from air Emphysema’s past

4  Smoking is the lead cause of emphysema  Exposure to certain gases or fumes in the workplace  Exposure to heavy amounts of second-hand smoke and pollution  Frequent use of cooking fire without proper ventilation What causes emphysema?

5  The best test for emphysema is a lung function test called spirometry: blowing out as hard as possible into a small machine that tests lung capacity. What tests should you take?

6  There is no cure for emphysema  Stop smoking, that is the best way to slow down lung damage  Medications used to treat COPD include: Inhalers to open the airways, Inhaled steroids to reduce lung inflammation  In severe cases or during flare-ups, you may need to receive Steroids by mouth or through a vein, Bronchodilators through a nebulizer, or Oxygen therapy How can you be treated?

7  Not smoking prevents most cases of ephysema.  Ask your doctor or health care provider about quit-smoking programs.  Medicines are also available to help kick the smoking habit. The medicines are most effective if you are motivated to quit. Can you prevent it? Can you prevent it?

8  MH0001153/ Bibliography Bibliography

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