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Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Minds

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1 Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Minds

2 Entrepreneurial Process
Definition Identify and Evaluate the Opportunity Get information Length of opportunity Window of opportunity Real and perceived value Risks and returns Personal goals and skills of entrepreneur Uniqueness Opportunity assessment

3 Entrepreneurial Process
Develop Business Plan Determine the Resources Required Manage the Enterprise

4 Managerial v. Entrepreneurial Decision-making
Managerial styles= administrative domain Five areas Strategic orientation Commitment to opportunity Commitment to resources Control of resources Management structure

5 Causes for Interest in Intrapreneurship
Social aspects Competition Four Key Elements of Intrapreneurship New business venturing Organizational innovativeness Self-renewal Proactiveness

6 Corporate Culture v. Intrapreneurial Culture
Corporate Cultures Reward conservative decision-making Wait for instructions Don’t fail Collect as much information as possible, or do not act Intrapreneurial Culture Trial and error Reward for actions Encourage new ideas and actions

7 Climate for Intrapreneurship
Operate on Technological Frontier New Ideas Trial and Error Failures Allowed Resources Available and Accessible Multidiscipline Teamwork Approach

8 Climate for Intrapreneurship
Long-Term Horizon Volunteer Program Reward System Sponsors and Champions Available Support of Top Management

9 Intrapreneurial Leadership Characteristics
Understands the Environment Is Visionary and Flexible Creates Management Options Encourages Teamwork Encourages Open Discussion Builds a Coalition of Supporters Persists

10 Establishing Intrapreneurship in Organizations
Get Management Commitment Identify Ideas and Areas of Interest Use Technology for Flexibility Train Employees with Interested Managers Develop Ways to Get Close to Customer Be More Productive with Fewer Resources

11 Establishing Intrapreneurship in Organizations
Establish Strong Support Structure Tie Rewards to Performance Implement Evaluation System

12 Problems and Benefits of Intrapreneurship
Performance Benefits Resources Successes 3M, HP, IBM

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