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Problems in Education. Links RSA Animation: L4U L4U Chomsky on Purpose.

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1 Problems in Education

2 Links RSA Animation: L4U L4U Chomsky on Purpose of education JN08 JN08

3 The State of Education: A Global Perspective Education - social institution by which society transmits knowledge including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values to its members Schooling - formal instruction carried out by specially trained teachers – Schooling is more available in some parts of the world than others

4 The Global and Historical Context Many societies have no formal mechanism of schooling – Throughout the world, 1 in 5 adults cannot read or write. 2/3 of them are women – Has the United States always had formal schooling?

5 Thomas Jefferson, an advocate and pioneer of the American educational system, believed that education is important to promoting active citizenship and a democratic self- government. What did he mean?

6 Characteristics of Education in the U.S. Education as a Conserving Force – Schools indoctrinate students in the culturally prescribed ways. Mass Education – Many students attend school for the wrong reason.

7 Characteristics of Education in the U.S. Preoccupation with Order and Control A Fragmented Education System – Private – Homeschooling – Charter – Vouchers

8 Characteristics of Education in the U.S. Local Control of Education – Financing of schools through local taxes – Intrusion of religious views of the majority Sifting and Sorting Function of Schools – RSA Animation

9 Sociological Theory and Education Functionalism

10 Sociological Theory and Education Symbolic Interactionism

11 Is education the “great equalizer”? Why or why not? Popular construction of education and Success?

12 Sociological Theory and Education Conflict

13 ??? What are some of the primary problems with the American educational system? How is education connected to other social problems?

14 Problems in Education- I. Educational Inequality Social Class and family Background – SES is one of the best predictors of educational success and likelihood of attending college – Educational performance clearly linked to SES Race and ethnicity – Hispanics and blacks have lower educational achievement at almost every level-Connected to SES, ELL status, biased testing, and overt discrimination ***Race/ethnicity and SES highly correlated

15 Problems in Education- II. Poor Performance U.S. International Rankings

16 Understanding Educational Problems Critical Constructionism-A structural approach – Schools perpetuate inequality – Educational System is stacked in favor of middle- and upper-class children and against children from the lowest classes – The education system reinforces socioeconomic and racial differences in the U.S.

17 Understanding Educational Problems Financing Public Education – Inadequately funded schools – Financing of public education is upside down

18 Understanding Educational Problems Family Economic Resources – Average SAT scores are linked to family income and race. – Affluence and educational advantages Higher Education and Stratification – Racial minorities are underrepresented in colleges.

19 Understanding Educational Problems Segregation Tracking and Teacher’s Expectations – Stigma – Self-fulfilling prophecy – Future payoff – Student subculture

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