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Catherine Golding Meat & Livestock Australia 2 TRUE AUSSIE BEEF AND LAMB.

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2 Catherine Golding Meat & Livestock Australia 2 TRUE AUSSIE BEEF AND LAMB

3 WHO IS MEAT & LIVESTOCK AUSTRALIA (MLA)? MLA is a producer-owned (48,500 members) company that provides: ─Research (on farm and post farm gate) ─Marketing (both generic Australian and assisting brands/companies) ─Market access services to the Australian industry MLA is primarily funded by transaction levies paid on livestock sales by producers AUSTRALIAN LAMB PRESENTATION

4 SEEKING NATURAL ALTERNATIVES FEEL-GOOD CUISINE is the next iteration of better-for-you. Consumers are now responding to menus that make them feel good about the choices they make – both in body and mind.

5 SEEKING NATURAL ALTERNATIVES Consumers increasingly consider social responsibility in their purchasing decision. For beef, food safety, animal welfare and environmental concerns are top of mind for many, especially women. I would be more likely to purchase and I am willing to pay ______ for beef that is…

6 AUSSIE BEEF & LAMB – A NATURAL OPTION Over 70% of our beef and over 90% of our lamb is grassfed and finished Breeds are specially selected for their adaptability to the environment Livestock graze native and improved pasture varieties – a natural product of a natural environment All lamb and most beef is all-natural, minimally processed, free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants The Australian cattle and sheep industries adhere to stringent animal welfare standards enforced by legislation AUSTRALIAN LAMB PRESENTATION

7 COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY AUSTRALIAN BEEF & LAMB PRESENTATION Over the last 30 years Aussie ranchers have ‒ Reduced their water use by over 65% ‒ Reduced their animals’ greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 14% Transport <5% of greenhouse gas emissions, water and land, confirming food miles (or locally produced) is not a suitable indicator of environmental impact Making something out of nothing Grass-fed beef and lamb convert what we can’t eat (namely grass) into meat on land not fit for any other food production


9 Catherine Golding Meat & Livestock Australia P: 202 251 2516 E: 9 FOR MORE INFORMATION


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