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Performance Contracting The Honeywell One Source Solution.

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1 Performance Contracting The Honeywell One Source Solution

2 Performance Contracting Advantage Reduced Project Cost Improved Quality Reduced Overall Time to Complete a Project Improved Communication Ease of Management Clear Focus to Reduce or Eliminate Risks

3 ò A partnership to effectively utilize technology to optimize customer service and delivery capabilities. ò A self-funded solution for infrastructure and operational improvements. ò A guarantee to deliver results. Performance AMR is …

4 $3.2M AMR Meter Solution ($400K) Annual Program Debt Payment (10 years) $100k Net Annual Benefit City $480K Annual Increased Water Billing Revenue $120k Annual Operational Savings ($100k) Annual Maintenance Cost Services Labor Equipment Value Proposition

5 Financial Source Contract Terms Up front Fees Guarantee Change Orders Implementation Value Add Services Budget Expense Only during install and warranty Yes No Yes Multiple vendors Not Typical Self Funding 5-10 years No System performance No Complete Turnkey Tailored to your needs Key FactorBid/SpecPerformance Contracting Performance Contracting - Comparison

6 ò A commitment to understand your community - in order to develop a “Total Customer” solution. ò Access to the best technologies and vendors - and the ability to mobilize them in a coordinated effort. ò A self-funded solution with guaranteed system performance - allowing you to minimize risk and maximize the benefits of your new system. ò The ability to deliver a wide range of services - beyond the traditional scope of meter services. The Performance AMR Difference

7 Saving Energy & Water … for our customers Education & Municipal Federal Utility National Accounts

8 Savings Opportunities Energy and Related Operational Savings System Replacement Premature Major Equip. Failure Tools, Parts, Material Energy Use Administrative Costs Lost Productivity Purchased Services In-House Staff

9 Technology Categories  Boiler & Chiller Improvements  Building Automation Systems/Energy Management Control Systems  HVAC  Lighting Improvements  Building Envelope Modifications  Chilled, Hot Water & Steam Dist. Systems  Electric Motors and Drives  Refrigeration  Electrical and Co- generation Systems  Renewable Energy Systems  Electric Distribution Systems  Water Conservation  Rate Reduction / Auditing

10 Energy Management Solutions Vending Miser ­ More than 4,000 installed ­ 4.8 million kilowatt-hours saved annually, ­ Eliminate emission of 10 million pounds of CO2 gases annually Energy Affordability ­ More than 70,000 participants ­ Assist payment-troubled, high energy use income eligible utility customers ­ Improved energy savings, consumer comfort and safety Weatherization Assistance Program ­ More than 60,000 participants ­ Installation of quality, comprehensive energy efficiency measures targeted for maximum cost effectiveness ­ Effective energy education and personal action commitments

11 Water Conservation Rinse and Save Spray Valve ­ More than 20,000 installed and over the next two years we will install more than 30,000 Spray Valves ­ Lifetime Savings - 325,851 gallons H20 (equivalent to the amount of water a family of 4 uses in a year) Ultra Low Flush Toilets ­ Installed, processed and distributed more than 1 million toilets since 1991 Landscape Irrigation – Audit and reporting, ET Controller rebated and installation, turf buy–back for native landscape.

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