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NM = I – E What could this mean? (remember PC = BR-DR +/- M?)

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1 NM = I – E What could this mean? (remember PC = BR-DR +/- M?)

2 Lesson objectives: To be able to explain the push and pull factors within the EU What is the European Union? untries/eu_countries.html untries/eu_countries.html

3 European Union

4 Migration within the EU There is a huge amount of migration within the EU. If you look at the pie charts below showing where people come from who immigrate into Britain, more than a quarter comes from other EU countries.

5 1.What is the highest number on the graph? 2.What is the lowest? 3.When was the greatest net migration? What was the figure? 4.When was the least? Figure?

6 AST 2013 Migration case study Poland UK Location of Poland Push factorsPull factors PositivesNegatives Groups of people affected by migration Key S = Social E = Economic En = Environmental P = Political LT = Long term ST = Short term Facts Opinions

7 True or false 1.The greatest number of migrants to EU countries come from Africa 2.Most women migrate to the UK for family 3.Lack of employment is a pull factor 4.Migration is the movement of people from one country to another 5.Environmental migration is a type of forced migration

8 Homework Read through the Telegraph article on Poles from 2012. Write a paragraph to summarise the current migration of Poles to the UK

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