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It’s Time to Fund Your Cause! Rick Reese YTB Director 719-217-4825.

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1 It’s Time to Fund Your Cause! Rick Reese YTB Director 719-217-4825

2 Table of Contents Internet Fundraising o Shop & Book Travel Online SMS Text Mobile Marketing o Mobile Philanthropy

3 Environmental Educational Social Religious Medical

4 Internet Fundraising YTB Travel & E-commerce Business Website


6  Clothes & Shoes  Groceries  Holiday Shopping  Eating Out  Entertainment  Children Toys & Gifts  Hobbies & Passions  House Supplies  Cell Phones  Car, Motorcycle Parts Supplies  Home Projects  Music/Media Downloads  Pharmacy  Satellite TV  Personal Care  Pets Supplies  School Books & Supplies  Vacation & Travel  Movie & Event Tickets  Specialty Stores Shop, Save, Share, & Earn! Getting Paid to Do What We Already Do

7 Organization’s Travel Site Your Name Here Provides access to the travel industry Your Organization earns 60% of the commission for travel booked on your site. ZamZuu Go Shopping!

8 Welcome to The Future of Online Distribution of Goods & Services Shop Over 800 Stores Online! A “One Stop Shop” On The Internet Click to go Back Book Travel!

9 YTB Travel & E-commerce Program Purchase Personalized Travel & E-commerce Website $200 to join, $50 a month (Hosting Fee beginning in your 2 nd month) Access to billions of dollars worth of inventory o The same hotels o The same planes o The same cruise lines o The same stores (over 800 retailers) All available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Receive 60% of the commission paid to YTB Turn Fun into Fortune!

10 Supporters visit organization’s Travel & Retail site to make online purchases Organization’s booking engine provides competitive online rates Organization receives funds paid by third party vendors Develop Marketing Campaign Internet Fundraising E-Commerce Model

11 Your organization earns commissions when members and supporters shop or book travel online 50 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $500 per month 100 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $1,000 per month 1000 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $10,000 per month Passive Internet Fundraiser

12 Travel Commission Examples (D49)

13 Shopping Commission Examples (D49) Shopping Commission Examples (D49) Note: Commissions are paid on 25thof each month after the product has been purchased

14 Website Activation Key Milestones 1.Site Activation Meeting - Typically check box for “Travel” Program Only (includes shopping) - Use Organization’s FEIN -Organization’s Name: PRIMARY/SECONDARY - Point of Contact 2.Webmaster Meeting to Add “LINKS” to Org’s Website 3.Website Walkthru for Key People - Person who does buying, track funds, campaign manager, PTA, etc. 4. Marketing Meeting to Brainstorm, “How to Get the Word Out”

15 Marketing Campaign Emails Flyers Text Facebook Twitter Magnets Internet Banner on website Bulletin Announcements Banners on School Buses

16 YTB Program Benefits Generate funds from existing network of members & supporters. Get paid for performance and productivity …no glass ceiling on earnings. Low participation rate still produces significant revenue. Trackable commissions for online shopping and travel bookings. Online purchases and changes are handled directly with the vendors. Non-contractual. No Long-term Commitment.

17 Next Step – Get Started Today Step 1: Set Up Organization o Purchase Travel & E-commerce Program Step 2: Marketing & Campaign Awarness o Get the Word Out to Members & Supporters It is time to fund your VISION!

18 Mobile Marketing Fundraising

19 What does MOBILE Marketing do? What we do is simple! We help businesses take their message to the most effective modern day marketing vehicle - the mobile phone. And, we use these mobile technologies to drive customer response rates between 17-30%.

20 Traditional Marketing Has Its Challenges… Email: Facing both spam issues and consumer annoyance Direct Mail: Expensive, limited response rate, and does not capture database for future marketing TV: Expensive “shot gun” approach that is showing continual declining response rate numbers Newspaper/Magazines: Down double digits

21 Why Mobile 98% Reach Rate Response Rates: Average 17-30% when done properly Consumer Demand for mobile solutions is dictating the need for fast, to-the-point communications Frequency: low cost of mobile will enable nonprofits to promote both lower dollar and higher dollar donations more frequently Cost: unit cost to reach between.05-.08 Longevity of accurate information: Cell phone numbers rarely change Social Media: Z Mobile text messages can be posted to Facebook and/or Twitter accounts quickly and easily

22 Mobile Marketing SMS text messaging can be a valuable fundraising tool Growing number of people using their cellphones 98% of all texts are read within 4 minutes Ability to respond to donors instantly with your message Build opt-in lists and database – without manual effort Send text blasts and build mobile campaigns “on the fly” YTB’s Z Mobile Business Solution represents a tremendous Fundraising Opportunity for Nonprofit Organizations

23 Micro Philanthropy Donors text in Welcome to “We Help” Click to Donate $5 Text immediately sent to Donor’s Cell TEXT Give to 58203 Advertising / Sign Example Summed up as "Getting SmalI in A Big Way." Smaller, more direct interaction between "helpers" and "doers." Organization Funding Requests Internet (“Donate” Buttons, etc) 64% E-mails 62% Social Media (FB, Twitter, etc)42% Mobile Marketing (SMS Texting, etc) 6%

24 Mobile Fundraising Benefits Reduce advertising costs and increase gifting revenue Drive attendance/participation Design mobile gifting strategies Develop participation strategies Create value and reasons to participate in mobile Build “Opt-In” database

25 Campaign Success Factors Internet Fundraising & Mobile Philanthropy Buy in from the top Staff awareness & training Media integration – add to existing media investments and vehicles Marketing campaign Call to Action Proper incentive Proper Timing It’s Time To Go Mobile With Z!

26 Steps To Implement How to Use Mobile To Raise Money: 1. Establish Merchants Account 2. Goto: get an account…speak to a Buck 2. Design your campaign and donation levels (ie, $5, $10, Other…) 3. Post “gobuck” billing url into text blast/text response message 4. Donors give with a “ single click” donate button 5. That’s it! Collect your funds!

27 The Wrap It’s Time To Fund Your Vision! Internet Fundraising Mobile Philanthropy o Contact Information: Rick Reese, YTB Director 719-217-4825

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