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WHICH ONE IS BETTER? Package Tours vs. Self-Planned.

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1 WHICH ONE IS BETTER? Package Tours vs. Self-Planned

2 Tour Companies

3 Sample Tour: European Interlude 2014 18 days Europe and Britain $4,525 per person Includes flight, hotel, and breakfast Gives a day by day plan for activities, sights and everything else that is planned for you

4 Advantages of Package Tours antages-of-choosing-a-package-holiday/ antages-of-choosing-a-package-holiday/

5 Disadvantages of Package Tours taking-a-tour/ taking-a-tour/

6 Advantages vs Disadvantages Chart activity AdvantagesDisadvantages

7 Before Your Vacation Planning: Package vs Plan-It-Yourself Vacations v_package.htm

8 Example: Europe If you have limited time but want to see the most possible things in a variety of different cities/countries, then a tour is probably your best way to go However, tours are a better deal for 1 or 2 people, but once you get into bigger groups travelling (4+ people), then it’s cheaper to plan it yourself

9 Look up cheap tours packages

10 If you want to do it yourself…. Requires a lot of planning and research Comparing hotel prices Looking at guidebooks Ex. Rick Steeves, Day-by-Day books, Fodors, Frommers Find out what sights are in the same area to see them all at once How will you get around in each city? Rental car, subway, public busses, taxi?

11 Solo Travel If you were single and wanted to travel but no friends were available to go with you, what do you think would be the best option for you? What are some of the perks of travelling alone? What are some of the dangers of travelling alone?

12 What would you suggest for… … a family with 3 children? … a school group with 20 ten-year olds? … a group of seniors? … a couple of university students with limited money? … 2 businessmen with a work expense account (essentially unlimited money)? Why??

13 To Use a Travel Agent or Not to Use a Travel Agent – that is the question! Forbes’ magazine’s opinion /20/why-you-need-a-travel-agent-part-1/ /20/why-you-need-a-travel-agent-part-1/ A travel agency’s opinion (obviously biased!) paul/st-paul-50-ave-42616/865-10-reasons-why- smart-consumers-use-a-travel-agent paul/st-paul-50-ave-42616/865-10-reasons-why- smart-consumers-use-a-travel-agent

14 Travel Agencies in the area Tour company websites Expedia Air Canada, West Jet AMA Flight Center Marlin Travel Adventure Travel Company Carlson Wagonlit Panasia Holidays …etc

15 Other things to consider!

16 Railway system in Europe Very cool website! Pick your first destination, then you can tell them how long you would like to travel and they will tell you all the places that are that distance away!

17 Railway Research Plan a 5-stop tour using the railway system in Europe Where would you go? Where would you stop? How much would it cost you?

18 Rental Cars in Europe = big headache Things to consider: Insurance (higher likelihood of getting in an accident) Gas (more expensive) Parking (35-40$ per day in big cities) Higher rental fee (ex. Cheapest price for 2 days in Paris was 150$, not including insurance!)

19 Railway vs. Rental Car

20 What language will they speak in the place you are visiting? Learn the language before you visit Have a phrase book while you’re there Pictures to point to when asking for directions Pay a guide to show you around and translate for you ($$$!)

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