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City of Bristol College Work Programme and Skills Two views Jan Bovill Head of Work Skills.

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1 City of Bristol College Work Programme and Skills Two views Jan Bovill Head of Work Skills

2 Who we are – our strategy Large College with over 25,000 students Community Learning Trust Pilot – partnership with local authorities and voluntary sector 2330 Job Seekers enrolled in the college in 12-13 Plus 1003 self declaring unemployed Sub contractor for the DWP Work Programme New Challenges, New Chances New area – Work Skills Aligning local objectives with JCP, LEP and employers

3 Work Skills structure Creation of Recruitment area to accept JCP/WP referrals Creation of new job roles – Recruiters, Telephone Advisers Team Leaders – increased responsibilities Curriculum Manager – Welfare to Work background More offsite pre employment training Three adult programmes preparing for work Work Coach – getting work ready up to E3 ( ESOL) Into Study – progression programmes L1 –L2 Into Work – flexible programmes Entry -L1 Developing provision in response to labour market trends Targeting job outcomes – not just qualifications

4 Into Work Area Enterprise ITQ 2 week intensive courses Interview Skills BTEC Awards Level 1 or Entry 3 Offsite Bespoke Products Work Clubs

5 Curriculum Model Routes - assessing work readiness Green route – 2 week intensive courses for the job ready Amber route – 5 or 10 week courses, same sectors, with support for IT,confidence building and work club Red route – 10 week employability courses, confidence building, volunteering, health and fitness

6 Monitoring in year Slow build of SFA income Referral procedures REF2s/ SL2s Success rates of new qualifications Verification and quality assurance Suitability of curriculum Cost of accreditation Expectations of stakeholders

7 Issues to address Poor success for ESOL learners on Employability qualifications Job readiness assessment, attitudes/ barriers Assessment and delivery at JCP offices Referral mechanisms – improving FTA rates

8 What has been successful Increased number of enrolments Coherent internal progression structure for our learners 91% Success rates on JCP provision Enfranchisement of ESOL learners Up skilling of staff Increase in job outcomes Relationship with JCP at local and regional level

9 As a Skills Provider I have a focus on Skills development Progression Accreditation Short and long term goals for my learners Understanding skill barriers to employment e.g. language level, impact of low literacy Planning a curriculum designed to get people back in to work which meets individuals needs Work with local partnerships, Local authority,

10 As a Work Programme Sub Contractor I have a focus on Monthly targets for job starts, outcomes and sustains Interventions which get people into current /future vacancies Failure to attend rates and sanctions Working with two client groups, JSA and ESA Developing a team of staff who have a mix of training, recruitment and sales skills Motivating clients and changing attitudes Employer engagement The time taken to work with clients with significant barriers

11 As a local partner of Job Centre Plus I have a focus on Course delivery patterns, short, sharp, focussed Viability of courses Referral processes and FTAs Returners from the Work Programme – what next? Sector intelligence – local developments Benefit changes – impacts on learners Sector Based Work Academies not courses Conflict between advisors and their clients

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