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Introduction to Hospitality CHAPTER 2 HOTELS AND MOTELS

2 Conrad N. Hilton Conrad Hilton was recognized worldwide for his leadership and vision during the Depression and World War II He created the largest and most profitable international hotel chain. Hilton started with the Mobley Hotel of Cisco, Texas He bought the Waldorf-Astoria, Plaza, Stevens, and Sir Francis Drake Hotels

3 Successful Entrepreneurs
… take advantage of market opportunities.

4 Characteristics of Success
Ambitious Energetic Creative Negotiator Enthusiastic

5 Hotels/Motels/B&Bs There are a wide variety of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, conference centers, resorts and restaurants

6 Hotels and Motels Hotels and Motels usually play a large part in the success of a person’s vacation or business trip

7 Hotels and Motels Competitive hospitality businesses know that they are a big part of travel and tourism and must keep up with the latest trends to be successful The Hotel Industry looks for ways to expand service

8 Things that make a hotel stay pleasurable…
Things that make a hotel stay not pleasurable Things that make a hotel stay pleasurable… Good service Clean room Fair prices Friendly atmosphere Great location Poor service Unclean rooms Unrealistic prices Unfriendly staff

9 FULL SERVICE HOTELS Provide a wide range of services
Usually have a restaurant or bar May have shops, luggage assistance

10 FULL SERVICE HOTELS Parking lot attendants
Room service, dry cleaning, others services Now may have high speed Internet Kids’ suites and accept pets

11 FULL SERVICE HOTELS Business travelers and convention attendees make up the largest percentage of hotel guests.

Place or location is an important marketing concept. Lodging establishments locate near their target market. They try to match their facilities with individual customer needs.

13 AIRPORT HOTELS Located near an Airport Competitive rates
Lower weekend rates May have mini bars, spas, data ports Provides quick access to airport May save traveler parking fee at airport

14 UNIVERSITY HOTELS Located at major universities
May be a convention center May be mixed use hotel and meeting center May contain a bookstore, public atriums, retail/entertainment shops, restaurants

15 MOTELS AND MOTOR INNS Term comes from Motor Inn
Automobile industry sparked growth May be a tourist court-15 or more rooms

16 MOTELS AND MOTOR INNS Motels are usually found on feeder highways, lesser known routes Usually one-story buildings Usually do not have restaurants Usually owner provides service

17 MOTOR INNS Most common lodging found in U.S.
Usually located on major highways Usually 2 to 6 stories Usually has a restaurant or bar Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn are good examples

18 SSL Superior Small Lodging Association
Works with motels and inns to help ensure tourists receive great value and high quality accommodations

Usually sleeping rooms without expensive amenities Usually no food service May be extended-stay facilities (Rent by Week or month: Pine View) May be residential-style units with multi-rooms, kitchens AmeriSuites, Residence Inns

20 ECONOMY LODGING Must have good price/value ratio Guest satisfaction
Some added amenities and services Rates must not exceed guests expectations of value Bottom line: offer lots for a little

21 BED & BREAKFAST Lodging facilities that include breakfast in cost of room Common in England and in Europe Began to appear in U.S. in the 1960s Usually provides very quiet and restful escape

22 B&B Homestays Private Owner Occupied Up to 5 guest rooms
Breakfast is often only meal

23 B&B Inns Commercially licensed Owner may live there
Rooms range from 4 to 25 Breakfast may be the only meal provided Other meals may be available

24 Country Inn Commercially licensed Primarily known for cuisine
Usually away from commercial areas Overnight accommodations and full-service breakfast, full service dinner Maximum of 20 rooms

25 B&B APPEAL Offers a different experience More personal service
More relaxing, private

26 B&B APPEAL Innkeepers learn more about travelers
Repeat guests become a part of the innkeeper’s life Business travelers account for about ½ of B&B business

People person Healthy, disciplined, aware of others needs Attentive to detail

Hardworking Self-motivated Leader in the community Has vision

29 CONFERENCE CENTERS Meeting venue surrounded by hotels
Public transportation Restaurants Entertainment, tours, climate, location, safety, special attractions, shopping centers

30 RESORTS Motels or hotels located in popular vacation areas that offer recreational activities May have such amenities as horseback riding, golf, tennis, skiing, tours, social activities, scenic views

31 Condominiums-Condos Living quarters owned by private persons
Usually rented out to the public most of the year Most are high-rise located near a beach or recreational area Usually a good investment

32 TIME SHARES Buying a specific time period (usually 1 or 2 weeks) to spend a vacation at a resort Price depends on the time of year

33 THEME OF HOSPITALITY: Guests don’t buy a place to stay. They buy the expectation of a great experience.

34 DISNEYLAND PARK First theme park Opened in 1955
Designed by Walt Disney Located in California Walt Disney World opened in Florida Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios,

35 RESTAURANTS Key to success: good food, appropriate price, strong marketing, and public relations EXPECT TO GIVE GOOD QUALITY FOOD

Table Service: fine dining, white-tablecloth, Casual dining less expensive alternative to fine dining (Applebees, Chili’s), Theme restaurants, old fashion parlors, national chains; Ethnic restaurants, Mexican, Chinese; Family restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, (Denney’s)

37 Quick Service… Fast food Largest market in the world Rapid serving.
Reliable quality control McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell Special pricing, toys for children, immense advertising campaigns

38 On-Site Food Service Food services in a business or industry location
School, hospital, large businesses, government buildings, corporations They compete with other food services



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