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The Great Migration: British Immigration

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1 The Great Migration: British Immigration 1815 - 50
Canadian History

2 Population of BNA,

3 Why leave Europe? The Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815 causing an economic depression & high unemployment Massive population growth Higher life expectancy (more people were surviving famines & disease due to new farming methods & better diets)

4 Population Explosion Effects
Pop had outpaced economic opportunity Land & jobs were scarce for many People crowded into urban areas & lived in slums Many decided to leave for America for better opportunities

5 British Govt Reaction Increased policies for emigration to solve the problems such as high unemployment, poverty, & social unrest

6 Scotland Many Scottish farmers were evicted from their homes in a process called clearances Landlords reclaimed farmland from settlers & created huge sheep farms to provide wool for English textile mills Over 50,000 Scots moved to Nova Scotia

7 Ireland…..1840s Potato was the main crop & staple of the Irish diet
Mid 1840s “potato blight” spread to Ireland & destroyed the crops Famine set in killing approx. 1 million Irish between In 1847 over 90,000 emigrated to BNA

8 The Voyage Out Immigrants arrived at Halifax, St. John, & Quebec
Cargo ships were used to bring the immigrants from Britain to earn extra profits Cramped conditions, disease, little food, sea sickness, death “Coffin Ships”

9 The Voyage Out (Pp 44-46) Summarize the voyage to North America for:
An English gentlewoman Regular immigrants Where is Grosse Isle? What purpose did it serve? Why was Canada considered a ‘poor man’s country” in the mid 1800s?

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