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Infant Care Cord Care, Bathing, Handling, Feeding.

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1 Infant Care Cord Care, Bathing, Handling, Feeding

2 Cord Care O Should fall off within 10 days O Keep clean and dry O Tuck diaper below cord O Baby wipe or rubbing alcohol and swab O Redness or sensitivity = possible infection


4 Bathing O Bath every 2-3 days O Mild baby soap or shampoo O Sponge bath before cord heals O Tub bath after cord heals O your-newborn-a-bath_1486858.bc your-newborn-a-bath_1486858.bc

5 How-to Sponge Bath O Lay baby on padded towel O Dip cotton ball in plain water to wipe eyes O Use wet washcloth with no soap to wash face O Wash body with soapy washcloth O Wash diaper area last O Pat dry

6 Tub Bath O Sink or small plastic tub O Fill with a few inches of water and line with towel O Tip head back so shampoo doesn’t run into eyes O Rinse with clean water O Wash diaper area LAST!

7 Bottle Feeding Tips O Boil bottles for 5 minutes before first time use and once a week after that O Do not switch formula scoops! Different sizes! O ALWAYS SUPPORT NECK

8 Handling O Muscles aren’t strong enough to support head O Gentle and always hold head! O NEVER LIFT AN INFANT BY ARMS!

9 Handling (cont.) O Slide hand under babies bottom O Use forearm for extra support O Hold baby upright, cradled in the curve of your arm O If holding over chest – one hand on bottom, another hand on back of head

10 How to Change a Diaper O change-a-diaper_10347121.bc#videoplaylist change-a-diaper_10347121.bc#videoplaylist

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