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Promotion of wellness tourism – focus on elderly

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1 Promotion of wellness tourism – focus on elderly
Erasmus IP Welltour II Estonia 2013

2 In April 2013, six students from WSEiP spent two intensive, but exciting weeks in Tartu, where they took part in the second edition of the Welltour Intensive Programme - Promotion of Wellness Tourism, coordinated by our partner university from Kaunas, Lithuania. This year’s edition was focused on the elderly population of the countries involved in the IP.

3 From Kielce to Tartu Beata Daria Przemek Zina Aneta Olga


5 ERASMUS Intensive programmes (IP) is a short programme of study which brings together students and teaching staff from higher education institutions, enabling students and teachers to work together in multinational groups and so benefit from special learning and teaching conditions and to gain new perspectives on the topic being studied. Source:

6 We arrived in Tartu from different European countries.

7 We had different experiences,
but one goal: promoting wellness tourism that is focused on the elderly.

8 every group- everyone – Thanks to the project
students and teachers from every group- Czech, Estonian, Greek, Lithuanian and Polish, had the inspiring opportunity to become a part of the Welltour IP 2 multicultural team

9 All the national groups
presented the situation of the elderly population of their home countries and compared the – age structure, health care system, offered activities for senior, and other options the elderly have to live an interesting, active and exhilarating life in their autumn years.

10 the students were working on their final presentation, talking part in exercises and getting to know their colleagues’ opinions, their cultural backgrounds and each other personally: Everyday,


12 during the workshops and …

13 intercultural games and activities.

14 Some of the sentences used by the students during their presentations have made a lasting impression: „Feelings, optimism don’t have an age”.

15 „Everything is possible, you only have to try”.

16 „Who I am, you will be; Who you are, I used to be”.

17 „Be positive and everything is possible”.

18 „You will feel like in heaven”.

19 During the project Spring came to Estonia …

20 and in a short time, students’ business plans were ready.

21 Finally there were presentation, celebrations, certificates and … farewells

22 and we had to say goodbye to the
host University  … but

23 We hope to see you in Poland on the next Erasmus IP

24 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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