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Criminal Justice Test Review. 5 th amendment Which amendment allows the accused due process (fair treatment), the right to a grand jury, and the right.

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1 Criminal Justice Test Review

2 5 th amendment Which amendment allows the accused due process (fair treatment), the right to a grand jury, and the right not to be forced to incriminate themselves?

3 People to settle disagreements in court Civil law provides a way for…?

4 Victimless Crimes Acts that primarily hurt the people who commit them, such as gambling or drug use.

5 He or she could be found guilty of running away, skipping school, disobedience, etc. Why would a juvenile be considered a status offender?

6 Criminal Law Criminal, Civil or Juvenile? Protects society by punishing people who break the law.

7 14 th amendment Which amendment to the Constitution states that laws must be applied fairly to all people?

8 Suing a store owner What is an example of the use of civil law?

9 Boot Camps Offenders sentenced to this live in military- style barracks and undergo rigorous physical and behavioral training for three to six months.

10 Preliminary hearing, indictment, arraignment, jury selection What are the proceedings following an arrest?

11 Personal assets obtained from or used in a criminal enterprise. Asset forfeiture consists of the government’s seizing of:

12 They have no reasonable doubt about the defendant’s guilt. In order for members of a jury to return a verdict of guilty, what must they decide?

13 Community Service Paying the community back for harm done through work that benefits the public

14 subpoena Court order signed by a judge or prosecutor requiring the presence of someone or something in a court on a specific date and time.

15 House Arrest An offender sentenced to this must spend all or most of the day at home. Compliance is enforced in some states by requiring the offender to wear a small transmitter on the wrist or ankle, which sends electronic signals to monitoring units.

16 Death Penalty Known as “capital punishment”.

17 The accused has the right to have an attorney The adjudicatory hearing of a juvenile is similar to the criminal trial of an adult in that

18 Killing by accident What is manslaughter?

19 6 th amendment Which amendment gives the accused the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to a lawyer, and the right to be told what crimes they have been charged with?

20 Dispositional hearing A judge determines the sentence of a juvenile at what type of hearing?

21 indictment Formal charge against the accused

22 Crimes against people Acts that threaten, hurt, or end a person’s life are which category of crime?

23 arraignment Court hearing in which the defendant is formally charged with a crime and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

24 Could cause fear, injury or loss. Could leave victims with a search for justice. How does crime impact a victim?

25 misdemeanor Less serious crime for which the penalty is often a fine.

26 Plea bargaining Most criminal cases never go to trial and are instead resolved by

27 Probation The most frequently used criminal sanction, is a sentence that an offender serves in the community in lieu of incarceration.

28 Have a warrant or be able to show probable cause. Before making an arrest, the arresting office must…

29 Miranda Warning Police tell the person being arrested that he or she has the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer.

30 parole Letting a prison inmate go free to serve the rest of his or her sentence outside of prison is called

31 felony Serious crime for which the penalty can be imprisonment for more than one year.

32 A crime has been committed and that there is evidence against the accused. During a preliminary hearing, the prosecutor must prove that…

33 Protect citizens and their rights Criminal law and civil law both……????

34 crime Any behavior that is illegal because the government considers it harmful to society is considered

35 Scarlet Letter Punishing by shaming provides a morally satisfying alternative to punishment.

36 restitution Requires an offender pay money to a victim

37 Investigation/warrant, arrest, initial hearing, trial, sentencing, appeal. Correctly order the steps in a criminal trial.

38 Hung jury A jury that cannot agree on a verdict

39 Crimes Against Property This category of crime occurs more often than any other crimes. Most involve stealing.

40 alibi A reason why a defendant could not have done what they are accused of doing is a…?

41 bailiff The law enforcement officer responsible for order and security in a courtroom is known as?

42 FBI and the Census Bureau. Crime statistics in the United States come from two major sources..Name them!

43 Juvenile Law Criminal, Civil or Juvenile? A legal system for people under the age of 18 that is different in some ways from the adult system.

44 Civil Law Criminal, Civil or Juvenile? Deals with disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two.

45 Incarceration Jails and Prisons

46 ISP (Intensive Supervision Probation) Used for offenders needing more supervision. It allows offenders to live in the community but under severe restrictions.

47 Crimes against the government Treason and terrorism are two examples of this type of crime.

48 Fines Common for first-time offenders convicted of crimes such as shoplifting, minor drug possession, and traffic violations.

49 8 th amendment Which amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment?

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