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The Creighton University Employee Assistance Program “EAP”

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1 The Creighton University Employee Assistance Program “EAP”

2 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 1 The EAP Helps With…  Troubled relationships  Emotional concerns  Stress  Childcare and Eldercare  Anxiety or depression  Grief

3 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 2 The EAP Also Helps With…  Educational needs/ K-12, college, vocational  Work Status  Alcohol and drug abuse  Parenting and family concerns  Legal and financial difficulties  Retirement/ Active aging

4 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 3 EAP Program Features  Telephonic and/or in-person coaching/ counseling  Strict confidentiality guidelines  Highly qualified professionals for telephone and in-person services  24/7, year-round  Eligibility for both you and members of your household  Pre-paid (no fees or co-payments)  Comprehensive website:

5 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 4 EAP LifeManagement Program  Professional work/life telephonic assistance for all life stages including:  Pre-Natal  Adoption  Childcare  Special needs for children and adults  Education: K-12, college, vocational, graduate  Eldercare  Retirement/ active aging

6 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 5 The LifeManagement Team The LIfeManagement Team is a dedicated unit of L/M Consultants and Research Specialists Consultants- Provide consultations to callers on a full range of dependent care issues. L/M Consultants identify the key issues and needs of the caller, assist in the problem solving, and facilitate the resource searches that will contribute to resolving their current needs. Research Specialist- Locate care providers and community resources throughout the nation by searching a database of providers and other research tools. Researchers contact each provider to verify their information and create provider profiles containing the qualified information for callers.

7 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 6 EAP LifeManagement Program  Consultation to assess needs and provide advice.  Customized packets of educational materials sent to you, including: handbooks, tip sheets, videos, books, CDS, tapes (over 800 pieces of educational materials available)  3-5 pre-screened referrals meeting your specific requirements including provider profiles and confirmed vacancies  Fast response with follow-up to ensure satisfaction (3 outreach follow-ups including request to complete survey)

8 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 7 EAP LifeManagement Program: Eldercare Caller can obtain consultation and information on:  Housing facilities  Senior housing; assisted living; retirement communities  Nursing homes  All levels of care  In-home health agencies  Caregiving information and/or support  Community-based agencies  Geriatric care management  Elder legal issues  Insurance issues  Hospice and respite care

9 Magellan Health Services, Inc. 8 How To Access EAP and LifeManagement Services  Call one toll-free number: 800-424-4612  Log on to  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round  Strictly confidential, whether you call or visit online

10 Creighton ADA Symposium “Ways to Develop Safe and Stimulating Living Environments as We Age.” Pat Callone, Creighton University  Stimulation  Socialization  Safety

11 Patient’s Bill of Rights Every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder deserves the following:  To be informed of one’s diagnosis  To have appropriate, ongoing medical care  To be productive in work and play as long as possible  To be treated like an adult, not like a child  To have expressed feelings taken seriously  To be free from psychotropic medication if at all possible  To live in a safe, structured and predictable environment  To enjoy meaningful activities to fill each day  To be out-of-doors on a regular basis  To have physical contact including hugging, caressing, and hand-holding  To be with persons who know one’s life story, including cultural and religious traditions  To be cared for by individuals well-trained in dementia care

12 Patient’s Bill of Rights (continued) (Developed by Virginia March Bell, MSW, Alzheimer’s Association, Lexington/Bluegrass Chapter Kentucky; and David Troxel, MPH, Alzheimer’s Association, Santa Barbara Chapter, California) Taken from: Alzheimer’s Disease – The Dignity Within: A Handbook for Caregivers, Family, and Friends, page 19. Co-Authors: Patricia R. Callone, MA, MRE; Barbara Vasiloff, MA; Connie Kudlacek, BS; Janaan Manternach, D MIN; Roger A. Brumback, MD

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