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Accessing Springer JUIT User Education Tutorial Series - 1.

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1 Accessing Springer Journals @ JUIT User Education Tutorial Series - 1

2 Springer Link Can be accessed at Please Book Mark This Site  JUIT is subscribing Springer Journals through Springerlink.  Access at IP throughout campus  No ID and Password needed.

3 Home Page of Springerlink This name suggest that it is Subscribed by JUIT Subject Collections Springer Collections JUIT has access to 586 Journals in different subject areas

4 Quick Search Box is now in the same location on EVERY page of the site. Users no longer have to go looking for it!   Searching on SpringerLink

5  Searching on SpringerLink | Advanced Search The advanced search box drops down from any page  Search with ‘Citation’ allows researchers to directly find the content they already know. Researchers can now choose in advance how they would like their results to be ordered. 

6 The Home Page  Login box available from every page. No need to login as it is accessible on all IP  New A-Z List reduces the need for scrolling.  Easy access to services on    This name suggest that it is Subscribed by JUIT

7 Subject Collections now expand to show detailed subfields for easy browsing.   The Home Page   Institutional branding is now visible on every page.  Broad Subject Division Subject

8 Search within Content Type Search within Journals or eBooks allows for easy searching within specific content types.  

9 Journal Features Articles can be filtered to show Online First and Open Access articles only. The journal history notes indicate any title changes, mergers or title splits.    

10   All journal content available is instantly visible, including archival content. Browsing Journal Content

11 Journal information is clearly visible. Volume and issue number also clearly noted.     The Issue Page 

12 Click “Show Abstract” to reveal the abstract. The abstract can be reviewed without leaving the search results.   Revealing the Abstract  

13 Related Documents The new SpringerLink shows researchers the most closely related documents on article and chapter level.  

14 Mousing over Related Documents   Mousing over a “Related Documents” causes a mini-abstract screen to pop up, so researchers can review an item without leaving the original article!

15 Export Citation tool is easily visible and supports the most popular citation programs   Export Citations

16 References & “Cited By” Article references are easily viewed from the abstract page. “Cited By” links to articles which cite the current article.    

17 “Look Inside” puts chapter-level PDFs back together, bringing the “book” experience back into eBooks! No special software is required! Controls are contained within the site. Even non- subscribers can access 10% of each chapter (and all front matter).   Look Inside – PDF Previewing of eBook Chapters

18 Always know where you are in the eBook. The bar at the top of the content area shows the chapter titles.    Viewing Chapters in PDF Preview

19 PDF Preview in Full Screen View Enjoy the full screen eBook reading experience.  

20  Viewing Related Documents and References in PDF Preview Select “View Details” in the “Look Inside” chapter bar to see References and Related Documents for each chapter. 

21 Related Documents cross all content types on SpringerLink!   Related Documents also for eBooks 

22  You can easily review the abstract of the various related documents. This is done by “mousing” over the article or chapter you are interested in. From this mini-abstract screen, you can also download the PDF directly. Download from the Mini- Abstract Window 

23 Search Box Issues of This Journal Green Button shows – Accessible at JUIT

24 Downloading Articles Green Button Shows access at JUIT and PDF file can be downloaded Click PDF link to download and Save If the button is not GREEN shows no Access at JUIT Email Details of Article at for purchase from DELNET and submit signed copy by requester and HOD to the library



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