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ELA Common Core State Standards Job Alike #8 Assessment.

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1 ELA Common Core State Standards Job Alike #8 Assessment

2 Content Objectives Participants will..  Understand and examine the different types of assessment items and tasks included in the new Smarter Balanced Assessments -SBAC  Review the revised K-3 Common Cores State Standards ELA Report Card  Complete an ELA CCSS Teacher Needs Assessment

3 Language Objectives Participants will…  Read, write and discuss as they gain understanding of and experience with the new assessment system - SBAC

4 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Overview of Items and Tasks Types

5 Types of Items and Tasks 1.Selected response  prompt students to select one or more responses for a set of questions 2.Constructed response  prompt students to write in response to reading citing evidence from their reading

6 Items and Tasks continued… 3. Performance Task -  Measure a student’s ability to integrate knowledge and skills across multiple standards  Some constructed-response items and performance tasks can be scored automatically; many will be hand-scored by professionally trained readers.  Used to better measure capacities such as depth of understanding, research skills, and complex analysis,

7 Items and Tasks continued… 4. Technology-enhanced items  Demonstrate the ability to use computer skills to demonstrate a deeper understanding of content and skills  Use technology to assess non- traditional response type, such as editing text.

8 ELA Comparison Oregon & Smarter Balanced SimilaritiesDifferences Multiple Choice/Selected Response Online Computer Adaptive For Grades 3 and above Technology Enhanced Constructed Response Listening Items Brief Write, Revise and Edit Items Performance Tasks – Reading and Writing Using Multiple Tests Writing Assessment for Every Grade One Opportunity to Take Assessment Timed Assessment

9 Sample Items and Performance Tasks Smarter Balance SBAC

10 Purpose of Sample Items and Performance Tasks  Demonstrate rigor and complexity of ELA/literacy  Help teachers continue planning shifts in instruction related to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

11 Sample Items for Reading Grade 4 Three Item Types Based on Text – Grandma Ruth 1.Constructed Response 2.Vocabulary, Technology Enhanced 3.Citing Evidence, Technology Enhanced Partner Activity – Reading Handout and ELA CCSS Standards 1. Read Grandma Ruth 2. Answer each item 3. Partner Discussion - Compare responses. What are the implications for instruction at your grade level? 4.Whole group share out – Highlights from Partner Discussion

12 Sample Items for Writing Grade 4 Writing Item Examples 1. “Oliver” - Provide a sense of closure for narrative writing 2. “School Day” - Provide reasons that are supported by facts and details Partner Activity – Writing Handout and Standards 1.Each person completes one of the sample items 2. Partner Discussion - Share your response. What are the implications for instruction at your grade level? 3. Whole group share out – Highlights from Partner Discussion A.htm

13 Example of Performance Task Grade 4 Overview of Performance Task - Animal Defenses 1.Task Overview & Classroom Activity @ 20 mins.. 2.Student Task: Parts 1 (35 mins) and Part 2 (70 mins.) Read Performance Task Handout 1. Highlight and make margin notes Table Discussion 1. Clarify steps in completing Performance Tasks 2.. What implications do you see for instruction at your grade level? 3. Whole group share out content/uploads/2012/09/performance-tasks/animal- performance.pdf

14 Example of Listening Task Grade 4 Listening Task - Exercise in Space Exercise in Space 1 Exercise in Space 2 ELA.htm

15 Additional Information  Testing Time 1. Computer Adaptive - 1:30 2. Performance Task –1:45 + Time for Classroom Activity (@ 20 mins)  Practice Test 1. Available in late May 2. Allow students to experience full array of item types and Performance Tasks 3. Provide teachers with knowledge to construct simulated assessment events for classroom instruction

16 ELA CCSS Report Card & Alignment Document 1. Read through the Report Card and Alignment Document 2. Write questions in margins 3. Table Discussion Clarify questions

17 Teacher Self-Reflection & Needs Assessment Job Alike Session Topics: #1 Overview of ELA CCSS #2 -#3 Foundational Skills #4 -#6 Comprehension: Close Reading Lessons (Text-dependent questions & Culminating Activities) #7 Writing #8 Assessment and Report Cards

18 Condition 1. Focus on PERSONAL, LOCAL and IMMEDIATE Condition 2. ISOLATE race Using Conditions 1 & 2, reflect on the increased rigor and expectations of the Common Core. How will ensure that you engage in culturally responsive approaches to teaching as you implement the CCSS ELA Standards?


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