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Rachel Gallagher, RN, MS, CPNP, NCSN School Nurse Consultant (608) 266-8857

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1 Rachel Gallagher, RN, MS, CPNP, NCSN School Nurse Consultant (608) 266-8857

2  Identify the purpose, procedure and timeline for an individual educational program (IEP)  Identify the school nurses role in the IEP process

3 How do I get on IEP Teams?

4  Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  Individualized Education Program (IEP)  Special Education  Related Service  Supplementary Aids & Services  Program modifications  Individualized Health Plan (IHP) or Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

5 1. The child’s parent(s) 2. At least one regular education teacher, if the child is, or may be, participating in a regular education environment 3. At lease one special education teacher or provider 4. An LEA representative

6  5. An individual who can interpret the instructional implications of the evaluation  6. At the discretion of the parent or LEA, others who have knowledge or special expertise about the child – nurses, physician, outside counselor, CPS social worker  7. The child, whenever appropriate  8. A nonresidential public school representative if appropriate Many individuals can provide multiple roles

7  Conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the child in each of the suspected areas of impairment  Developing an individual education program for the child, if a child has a disability and is in need of special education  Determining the special education placement for the child

8  Referral  Evaluation/Reevaluation  Eligibility Determination  IEP Development  Placement

9  Evaluation within 60 days of receipt of parental consent for evaluation  IEP development meeting needs to occur within 30 days of the determination for the need of special education

10  Present level of academic achievement and functional performance (PLOEP)  Measurable annual goals and how it will be reported to parents

11  Special Education Eligibility  Disability and Special Designed Instruction  Related Service – Health Service Nursing Services  Program Modifications  Supplemental Aides and Services

12  11 Areas of impairment  Website of disability areas:

13  Specific Learning Disability - RtI  Cognitive Disability  Emotional Behavioral Disability  Other Health Impairment -

14  Vision Impairment  Hearing Impairment  Speech and Language Impairment  Autism

15  Traumatic Brain Injury  Significant Developmental Delay

16  Begins formally at age 14 in the IEP process  Planning to get children with disabilities ready for adult work  Health can be a component of the planning  Transition Health Care Checklist: html

17  Assessment – Health history Physical assessment  Summarizing medical information Primary care physician Specialty physicians  Observations  Rating Scales – training  Response to medical and nursing intervention

18  Categorical aid  Medicaid for School-Based Services  High Cost Special Education Aid  Individual Disability Education Act (IDEA) Part B Flow-through Grants

19  Individual health care plans can be referred to in the IEP; here is where: Existing information PLOEP Program Modifications  IHP should not be attached to IEP

20  American with Disabilities Act-  Standard G – Emergency Nursing Services at all school sponsored events.  Plan - IEP

21 Any comments regarding this webcast? Any suggestions on future school nursing topics? Contact: Rachel Gallagher (608) 266-8857 E-mail:

22  To take required post-assessment: ◦ Close course window by clicking on the red X in the right hand corner. ◦ Go to the TRAIN home page by clicking on Home in the green ribbon. ◦ Look at My Learning Record in the right hand blue box. ◦ Click on My Learning. ◦ Select the M (Manage) to the right of the title. ◦ Select completed. ◦ Select assessment. ◦ You must answer 5 out of the 5 questions correctly to complete the course. To get a certificate: o Go to TRAIN home page. o Go to My Learning Record and click on certificate in right hand column and print.

23 Be the change, you hope to see in the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

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