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CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS CHISINAU EDUARD. Christmas and Nativity is a Christian holiday celebrated on December 25 or January 7 every year. It is part of the.

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2 Christmas and Nativity is a Christian holiday celebrated on December 25 or January 7 every year. It is part of the 12 holidays royal (royal feast) of the Byzantine Churches, the fourth largest celebration of Easter, Ascension and Good Friday. [Citation needed] In some countries where Christians are the majority, Christmas is also holiday and celebration extends the following day, December 26: Christmas day. Since the onset of the twentieth century, Christmas became a secular holiday celebrated by both Christians and non- Christians by the center of gravity of the moving celebration of the rite for participation in the church family aspect of exchanging gifts or, for children, "gifts from Santa Claus."

3 CUTTING THE PIG At Christmas, the pigs are cut in on Christmas Eve, in the First day of Christmas or even in two, as happens in some villages in County Tecuciu. By County Muscel villages through which pigs are cut between Christmas and St. Basil, is the day watchful cutting is not Mondays or Fridays, especially when she's breeding pigs sama ago. Others - obriciti villagers - not cut until after St. Basil pigs, not beside Zaca. By some villages in Dolj county, pigs cut the night, so pan 'the day everything is ready. When you stab the pig, who cut it, as the surrounding, they do cross the blood, to be healthy and tomatoes over a year, and say:

4 ROMANIAN DISHES. Romanian cuisine is a name that carries the result of synthesis, whereas, specific culinary tastes and habits of the Romanian people. It is diverse and contains many customs and traditions, culinary dishes, along with habits from the intersection of gastronomic culture with traditions of other peoples with whom he came in contact Romanian people throughout history. Romanian cuisine includes both daily dishes and special dishes to celebrate. Romanian people being Christian since the beginning of his training, Romanian cuisine contains many dishes according to the season appointed feast and celebration was mentioned. Romanian dishes are made as vegetables, grains, vegetable oils, milk, dairy products and meat and meat byproducts. A special place in Romanian cuisine they have sweets, pies,jams

5 CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS For the most awaited celebration in December, Christmas, Romanians turned equally to tradition and customs knowing accept later. We gladly Nativity brings an amount of very old practice which celebrate the winter solstice, when nature gives hope that it will be reborn. Custom carols embedded in it not only the song and ritual gesture, but many messages and symbols of an ancient Romanian spirituality. He sometimes kept associating with the Christian celebration of the big event is the birth of Jesus Christ. There are also songs to stand (or Christian carols ), on the subject of the Nativity. On Christmas Eve, the evening, in all villages in the country, start caroling. Children with the star announcing the birth of the Lord and are welcomed by hosts that reward them with apples, nuts and coils. In Maramures, those who wander are grown men. The custom is to pass each house and then, with all the hosts who have humanity to continue caroling. Advent is over and everyone can enjoy the ritual dishes : pork dishes, cabbage rolls, coils and cakes, cookies and wine. The three-day celebration of Christmas bring peace and quiet in their homes. There is a period of fasting, and spiritual culinary take before Christmas, for six weeks ending with Christmas night. On Christmas Eve it is customary to împodobii the house or yard a tree with different balls with tinsel or chocolate candy called saloane.Cele three days of Christmas are the days 25,26 and 27 decembrie.În Spirit comply old traditions of hundreds of ani.Colindatul is one of those obiceiuri.Atât groups of children and adult groups meet together and go to neighbors' houses carols or homes other oameni.Atunci sing " O what wonderful news," a very old and very popular song in the nation, and "O Christmas Tree." also carolers are served food ( homemade coils ) or bani.Persoanele Slavic origin in Romania celebrate Christmas on January 7 because of fact that their Christmas is Christmas time two weeks after the Romanian Orthodox.

6 NAVITY The former royal feast fixed date in the natural order Saviour's life is birth, called in the people and Christmas, December 25th, is the annual celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, flesh seems to be the former specifically Christian holiday, between those of the Savior, though not as old as Easter or Pentecost, whose origin is connected with the corresponding Jewish holidays. In primitive Christian mentality inherited from the ancient world, the focus is on the day of death and resurrection divinities worshiped and not on the day of their birth. Therefore, worship the Savior in the early church was all focused around death and His resurrection. Christian calendars also keeps the memory of posterity, not dates of birth of the martyrs and saints, but their death dates. Therefore Nativity is generally considered as a holiday home newer than pills. Age they can track back the documents until the end of the third century, when - following a tradition recorded by Nicephorus Callistus Byzantine historian - during the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian, a large crowd of Christians perished burned alive in a church Nicomedia, where they had gathered to celebrate the day of the Nativity.

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