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Obstruction Surveys and Airport Airspace Analysis

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1 Obstruction Surveys and Airport Airspace Analysis
Bob Vander Meer Director of Aviation Programs

2 Obstruction Surveys and Airport Airspace Analysis
This presentation will detail the project considerations learned through producing airspace analysis under the new AC150/ a, 17b & 18b Airport GIS requirements. Project Scoping Considerations discussed will include: What detail of mapping is required for your project The use of temporary vs. permanent geodetic control Imagery resolution (flying heights) Data collection, analysis, submittal and acceptance GIS Data Attribution, Identify Features and Attributes Timeline from NTP to NGS data acceptance Challenges and lessons learned

3 Multiple Parties are Needed to Make Projects a Success
Airport Sponsor FAA/NGS Airport Consultants Program Managers Various Subconsultants

4 Planning to Assure Appropriate Mapping
LPV Approach Update to Master Plan Update toward new eALP Base Mapping for New Construction Obstruction Survey for Runway Extension Table 2-1 in AC18B, “Survey Requirements Matrix” will help define required information

5 Planning to Assure Appropriate Mapping

6 Planning to Assure Final Deliverables
What are the airports current needs? What are the airports future needs? 5 year? 10 year? What are the FAA’s minimum expectations? What are the final deliverables for the consultant & the airport All the items affect the project design.

7 Planning to Ensure the Airports Needs are Met Now & for Future Purposes
Sponsors must consider project requirements: Minimum of 1’ pixel resolution quality required Higher accuracy is typically necessary Does your project require topography? 1’ Contours 2’ Contours Does your project need engineering quality planimetric mapping? Imagery limits for obstruction analysis may not cover other project parameters The answers to these questions impact the whole project

8 Impacts of Design The Design Criteria May Impact: Multiple Flights
Leaf on for obstructions Possibly leaf off for specific mapping needs Ground Survey High accuracy data requires significantly more survey control points Detailed runway profiles Detailed planimetrics may require survey field checks Orthophotos 1’ color orthophotos will be required for the obstruction surfaces .5’ or .25’ orthos may be generated for airport property All decisions will have an impact on cost and schedule

9 What is the Process? Develop a Project Scope
Work with consultants to ensure both the AIRPORTS, FAA, & NGS’s needs are met Sponsor (Airport) Must Create a Project on the AGIS Website Consultant Must Submit a Statement of Work (SOW) The language in the SOW must support the project scope submitted by sponsor Consultant Must Submit the 3 Plans The plans MUST support the SOW Field Work to be Completed Acquire aerial imagery Acquire field survey Sponsor to provide existing data that maybe required Submit Scanned Imagery & Survey to NGS for Review Generate Final Mapping & Submit to FAA & NGS for Review Mapping & attribution of required features

10 Overview of FAA’s Website

11 Data Upload Process Airport Sponsor or Consultant Roles
Create Log In for Airport Project on the FAA GIS/TPSS Systems Allows for Project Tracking by FAA, Sponsor & Consultants All Data must be uploaded through System Data remains on system to allow future use of existing data Federal Aviation Administration

12 Airport GIS Website – Project Portal

13 What is the Purpose of SOW & Plans?
The Statement of Work Sets Up the Plot of the Story SOW explains WHAT you are going to do FAA is requiring more detail to be added to SOW The Plans Expand on the “What” and Explain the “How” Explains in further detail what you are going to do Explains your methodologies in detail Advisory Circular Requirements What are the AC requirements for your particular project? How do your methodologies ensure required accuracies? Together, Project Plans Tell the Story From Beginning to End Provides background and purpose Provides a timeline Provides a work plan Defends methodologies and ties to Advisory Circulars

14 Overview of Plans AC-150/ A - Geodetic Control Plan Required when establishing new PACS/SACS Details methodology for establishing PACS/SACS AC-150/ B – Imagery Plan Submission/Approval required before acquisition Acquisition report if deviating from imagery plan Details methodology for imagery acquisition and use AC-150/ B - Survey/Quality Control Plan Required for any survey project initiated thru AGIS Submission/Approval required before project commencement Details methodology for data acquisition and quality control Outlines GIS data attribution and features collected All Plans must be submitted to the FAA through the FAA GIS/TPSS Website

15 Sample Project Process
Sample process from the point that a Statement of Work has been uploaded, through project upload What happens & when? How long will the process take?

16 Submission of Statement of Work
Provides Project Scope Outlines Project Deliverables Project Plans Overview Must Submit SOW to the FAA through the FAA AGIS Website Project Time Frames Creation: weeks FAA Approval: 2-4 weeks (FAA workload dependant)

17 FAA’s AC 150/5300-16A Requirements (Survey Plan)
Establishment of Geodetic Control and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey Develop Project Survey Plan, upload to FAA’s GIS Decisions on use of PAC’s/SAC’s or Temporary Control Final Survey Deliverables and Report to NGS Project Time Frames Creation: weeks NGS Approval: Weeks (NGS workload dependent)

18 FAA’s AC 150/5300-17B Requirements (Imagery Plan)
Airport Imagery Acquisition and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey Vertically or Non Vertically Guided Surfaces Imagery purpose Flight lines, exposure counts, control point layout, photo scales, etc. Overview of processing and quality assurance procedures Project Time Frames Creation: weeks NGS Approval: Weeks

19 FAA’s AC 150/5300-18B Requirements (Survey Work & Quality Control Plan)
Provide Detailed Methodologies for Data Collection Data Safeguarding Data Quality Assurance Describes combined use of field and aerial methods Defines Features and Attribution Required Covers Field Verification & QC Project Time Frames Creation: weeks FAA Approval: 2-6 weeks (Workload Dependent)

20 NGS Review of Imagery and Survey Data
Acquire Imagery and Survey Control Data Completed Aerial Imagery and Survey Data Submission Imagery Approval Consultants must provide scanned imagery on portable media for NGS review and acceptance Completed Aero-Triangulation Report Survey Control Approval Completed Survey Report Project Time Frames Creation: weeks Conditional Approval: 30 Days (NGS workload dependent)

21 FAA’s AC 150/5300-18B Data Submission
Airport Obstruction Survey Completion and Submission to FAA/NGS Consultant must provide the following: Complete Photogrammetric Mapping Complete Field Survey including Runway Profiles & Nav Aid Surveys Complete Field Verification of all survey data Submit completed survey to FAA’s GIS Website for Approval Project Time Frames Photogrammetric Mapping…………………. 2-4 weeks Field Survey and Obstruction Verification… 2 weeks Final database formatting and Submission of Final Survey………………….. 2 weeks NGS Approval: Days (NGS workload dependant)

22 Schedule – After Notice to Proceed

23 Lessons Learned Project Scope & SOW Plans Submission Division of Work
This is a project between, FAA, NGS, sponsor & consultants Communication is key Scope of Work should provide specific project goals FAA is requesting more & more detail in both the SOW and the project plans Project plans are your road map to success Sooner is better than later Get your imagery plans in early for fall flight season Plans could take several months to get approved Plan ahead Clear division of work between consultants is essential Translation and validation of existing data if appropriate Attribution of data is a huge cost, who is doing it? Who will assure data is properly formatted for upload?


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