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Required for all staff who sponsor a student activity.

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1 Required for all staff who sponsor a student activity

2 Public perception plays into many things; especially in a public school setting. What the community thinks about the school is critically important to the image of the school. It is important that the school protect its image and work in a way that is transparent, especially in how the district manages its money. This powerpoint focuses on how sponsors should manage and supervise fundraisers they oversee. This slideshow is intended to help protect sponsors from concerns regarding how they handle and account for cash. If you have questions or concerns regarding this presentation or anything concerning fundraisers and management of student activity funds, or anything in general, please call me immediately, Stephen Hunter, at (573) 594-6111. Thank you for your time!

3 There are several policies that deal directly with student activities and accounting for money raised by the district or people and clubs associated with the district. Bottom line, every club, student group, athletic coach…anyone who fundraises in the name of the school or school activity must account for all their funds using the schools accounting system. Sponsors cannot withhold cash from a fundraiser. The total amount should be deposited into their account. If funds are needed, a purchase order must be made and approved before funds can be released. Please do not create a situation where you tell your students they raised an amount and then withhold funds and deposit the remaining amount. It does not matter that your intent is to use the withheld funds for an upcoming activity. The funds must be accounted for in there entirety. Back to public perception, if a student tells his/her parents that their club raised an amount and then there is no deposit to support what the students are telling…it can create the perception that something shady is occurring…regardless of who the sponsor is. In reality, bad things happen to good people too. I do not want this to happen to you!

4 District Policy DI is posted at C.1E and DI-AP at AP.VFR C.1E AP.VFR Please click on and read each of these policies. In summary, these policies direct the members of the board of education and superintendent to create accounting procedures that comply with state regulations, that all funds should be accounted for, and that such accounts are independently audited for accuracy.

5 In regard to sponsors of student activities, according to policy you must: 1. Sponsors wishing to make purchases for district-sponsored student activities must submit an expenditure request on a purchase order form to the school principal 2. This purchase order, upon approval, represents the sponsors' authority to make the purchase. 3. Upon delivery of the item purchased and submission of a copy of the invoice or delivery ticket properly noting receipt of the item to the Board of Education, the Board will then be in a position to authorize the payment of the bill in the same manner as any other payment. Before you make an expenditure you must first have a purchase order, you must have approval, and must turn in a packing slip and or invoice documenting that the expenditure was made turned into the office. You cannot spend funds until you have a purchase order in hand.

6 Please click on the link and review this policy at Key points to realize and remember: The superintendent and principals will be directly responsible for all district-sponsored fundraising activities conducted in the district or sponsored in any manner by the district. All district-sponsored fundraising activities must first be approved by the building principal and/or the superintendent or designee and must comply with the requirements set out in district policies and procedures, including the district's wellness program and district funds management rules. All funds collected in a district-sponsored fundraiser will be deposited in district accounts. A group may only use the name, logo or mascot of the district or of a district school in reference to a fundraiser if the fundraiser has been approved by the superintendent or designee or the School Board and the funds raised go to the district as represented in the advertising. Lastly, unless your club, organization, or activity has their own tax ID number and are considered a standalone nonprofit group; such as a booster club, then you must follow the accounting procedures described in this slideshow.

7 Before you begin planning your fundraiser pickup an activity form in the building administrative office. The activity form reserves your day and prevents others from scheduling an activity. It also helps to promote your activity on the districts web page and daily announcements. If purchases are necessary, make purchase order requests far enough in advance so that the funds can be approved in a timely matter. Please return all packing slips, invoices, and receipts to the office. After the fundraiser or as funds are being collected (if this occurs over more than a day) a deposit must be made for the total amount collected; remember, you cannot withhold funds…Even if you have a camp or event the next day…Those expenses should have already been approved with another purchase order. Return all funds to the building office for deposit into your student account.

8 The building secretary in charge of making deposits will return to you the amount collected and deposit slip documenting the amount placed into your student account. This is your receipt of your deposit. Monthly reports are handed out to every sponsor with the amount spent and deposited into their student account. Please pay attention to the reports and insure the report matches your records. If you have questions or concerns please meet with the building secretary or administrator as soon as possible. If concerns persist, please notify me directly immediately. There should not be separate accounts for activities completed over the summer or for summer camps. You should have only one account for your activity; an account run through the districts accounting program. If your group has a separate savings account, checking account, or CDs and you do not have a tax ID number you must turn these over to the school so that they can be accounted for in your student activity account…You will not lose the funds, they will remain in your student account…What you will lose is liability for mismanagement!

9 These procedures are in place to protect you and your students. Thank you for your compliance to these rules. Please fill out, print, sign and return to the Superintendents Office the word document stating you have read over the information in this powerpoint. Again, if you have questions or concerns, please call me immediately, at (573) 594-6111. Thank you for your time! Stephen Hunter Van-Far R-I School District Superintendent

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