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Writing Workshop Response to literature essay Author’s literary devices.

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1 Writing Workshop Response to literature essay Author’s literary devices

2 Write a multi-paragraph essay  How many paragraphs, you ask?  As many as necessary to bring your point across effectively, but it should be a minimum of five paragraphs.  Please keep in mind that an “A” quality paper will probably require more than that.

3 Introductory Paragraph  Creative opening (hook)  Background information about the selection that should include the title and the author of the selection  Brief summary or synopsis of the selection  Your thesis statement or central idea.

4 Ideas for Creative Openings  An interesting fact  A meaningful quotation  A universal idea  A rich vivid description of the setting

5 Examples of creative openings:  “‘Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”’ are chilling words repeated throughout the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

6  The terrifying scenes a soldier experiences on the front probably follow him throughout his life—if he manages to survive the war.

7 Thesis statement:  The thesis statement or “major thesis” is the central idea of your essay. For this assignment it is a clear statement of the theme. The thesis statement is one sentence, and should be incorporated at the end of the first paragraph.

8 Example of a response to literature introductory paragraph: ‘Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”’ are chilling words repeated throughout the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. In this narrative poem, the speaker attempts a dialogue with a mysterious raven that appears perched above a statue. The only response to all the speaker’s questions is “Nevermore” and as the plot unfolds, the speaker becomes more and more agitated by the simplicity of the Raven’s response. In this poem, Edgar Allan Poe uses several literary devices to contribute to the feeling of suspense and menace in the poem.

9 Body Paragraphs  Your body paragraphs should include the following elements:

10  A clear example from the selection that supports the thesis statement. (The example can be paraphrased or a quote.) In each body paragraph, focus on one single element or literary device that the author used to create suspense in the selection.  Commentary/explanation that clearly links the example to the thesis statement (suspense or menace).  You should write at least three body paragraphs, with three clear examples of elements that create the feeling of suspense.

11 Some elements you may choose from are:  Word choice  Imagery (including figurative language)  Repetition  Foreshadowing  Passage of time  Tone/mood  Point of view  Dialogue

12 Example;  In “The Raven” the author uses repetition of specific words and phrases to create a feeling of menace and suspense. At first, the speaker asks innocent questions such as what the bird’s name is. The raven answers “Nevermore.” Eventually however, the speaker asks specific questions about his beloved who passed away, and the answer is always the one simple word. The speaker becomes agitated, and the reader gets a sense that something terrible may happen because of the speaker’s words. “Prophet! Said I, “thing of evil!...This one word “Nevermore” repeated every single stanza, affects the mood of the poem, as it becomes darker and more tragic.

13 Concluding Paragraph  Your concluding paragraph should have the following elements:

14  A restatement of your thesis statement without repeating verbatim.  Your concluding paragraph should provide a “feeing of closure”. You may achieve this in different ways.

15 Ideas on how to conclude your essay  Reflect on how your essay topic relates to the selection as a whole  An evaluation, or opinion about the theme of the selection  A personal statement or connection to the topic  A comment on the selection’s significance

16 Example:  Edgar Allan Poe uses literary devices such as repetition, imagery and word choice to create a feeling of suspense and dread in his famous poem “The Raven”. It is clear that Edgar Allan Poe was inspired by the loss of his beloved wife, Virginia, when he wrote this poem. Besides the elements of suspense, the speaker’s grief is evident by his one-sided conversation with the Raven. His words demonstrate first his sadness, and finally rage at his wretched fate, and I was caught in the beauty and intensity of Poe’s words.

17 Remember:  Use effective transition words and phrases to tie your ideas.  Do not repeat words or ideas excessively  Weave the narration into your examples  Use quotes sparingly; do not use quotes that are so long they make up the bulk of your paragraph.

18 Remember:  Revise, revise, revise! Read your essay aloud, and make changes to clarify and improve your writing.

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