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Center for Academic Excellence Donna Musel, Director.

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1 Center for Academic Excellence Donna Musel, Director

2 Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Academic support center on campus We provide tutoring, study skills, places for students to study, and academic services for all BVU students. Located near 2fix, down the hall from the coffee shop

3 Excellent student tutors Carefully chosen, based upon recommendations and interviews Have worked with the professors Have taken the same classes from the professors Have been trained to tutor our students

4 Professional staff Math Coordinator who works primarily with Math 50, Intro to Algebra, Math for Liberal Arts, and Math for Elem. Ed. Majors. Writing professor who is available for appointments – in CAE 10 hours/week

5 Professional staff Academic specialist who helps students develop study methods and is available for academic testing Administrative assistant who helps students with time management, meets with probation students, and assists as necessary

6 Professors support the CAE. Professors receive emails from the tutors about tutoring sessions immediately after the session ends. Professors and tutoring

7 Students can meet with the writing tutors for any and all steps of the writing process. We encourage students to meet early so they have time to do multiple edits before papers are due. How writing tutoring works

8 Students can make regular appointments for the whole semester. Students are not limited for how many appointments they make. Tutoring is free. Success stories More about tutoring

9 Time management Test-taking skills Assistance with studying A great place to study “Where good students go to become better students” All students benefit from using the CAE

10 Switching gears…

11 Students who have received special education services, have had a 504 plan, or have had an IEP in high school need to request accommodations at BVU if they want to continue receiving accommodations. Accommodations for disabilities and the ADAAA

12 This is not an automatic transfer of services. Students must request services and provide documentation. Accommodations at BVU

13 Please speak to me today or tomorrow. If students want to request accommodations:

14 We look forward to working with your students!! Encourage them to study outside of their dorm rooms. Encourage them to ask questions and attend study sessions. Looking ahead to 1 st semester as BVU students

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