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NUMINVITA – a comprehensive enriched liquid health food ideal for  A good break-fast food for school going children  People above 60+  Those hospitalized.

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1 NUMINVITA – a comprehensive enriched liquid health food ideal for  A good break-fast food for school going children  People above 60+  Those hospitalized  Who travels frequently domestic / overseas  Diet conscious

2 HEALTHY EATING  NUMINVITA helps in avoiding fussy eating by early school going children and to take a full-fledged nutrient food which helps them to be brisk and attentive in school. Being a liquid food, it helps children to take their lunch meal as naturally as they feel hungry and mother’s nicely prepared lunch meal would be taken fully. As a concerned parent seeking good health through enriched natural food, NUMINVITA is your effective choice to ensure children be active, attentive and grow healthy.  Healthy eating is a way of balancing the food you eat to keep your body strong, energized, and well nourished. When you eat well, you are taking good care of your body.

3  Helps to have energy all day long  Helps to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs  Helps to maintain a healthy weight  Helps to Prevent unhealthy eating habits, like skipping meals and feeling overly hungry at the next meal  NUMINVITA is a mindful eating liquid health food for one and all. NUMINVITA

4 DIETARY SUPPLEMENT  A dietary supplement, also known as food supplement or nutritional supplement, is a preparation intended to supplement the diet and provide nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, which may be missing or may not be consumed in sufficient quantities in a person's diet.  Many people think that they eat a healthy diet. They think they have everything their bodies need for good health. Studies have shown that many people can describe a healthy diet. But when they write down what they actually eat, it's not a nutritionally complete diet.  Supplemental nutrition is needed because most people do not eat an ideal diet. Over time, our body will begin to show the effects of a less-than- perfect diet. NUMINVITA is an ideal choice to mitigate.  Good health and proper function requires a good diet. Take regular intake of NUMINVITA – the traditionally proven balanced health food.

5  A pregnant woman needs to eat more. Pregnancy is a state that requires better nutrition for a better outcome. A woman who eats too much sugar when she is pregnant can develop a kind of diabetes that will also make her baby sick at birth. This is called gestational diabetes. It increases the child's risk of being overweight. The child is also at greater risk of diabetes as an adult. NUMINVITA is a confident health food for you.  In the same way, many other situations require better nutrition for a better end result. Good nutrition helps the immune system fight the virus or bacteria that is making you sick. Eating healthy and adding, NUMINVITA will make sure you have all the raw materials mostly you need. This combination will help you repair everyday wear and tear. BETTER NUTRITION FOR BETTER IMMUNITY

6  Most people know that it is important to maintain proper nutrition and a healthy diet, but many people do not fully understand why it is important and just how important it is. Nutritional guidelines and recommendations are based on centuries of scientific studies and observations. Understanding why proper nutrition and a healthy diet are so important is an essential part of evaluating your own diet and making healthy choices. PROPER NUTRITION AND HEALTHY DIET

7  Energy : A proper diet will include foods that give you energy so that your body can perform its basic tasks.  Illness Prevention : A healthy diet and proper nutrition go a long way toward preventing illness and creating a healthy life.  Weight Management : A healthy diet is one devoid of extremely fatty foods, processed food products and other unhealthy products. A balanced diet with the proper nutrition is one of the keys to successful weight management. A healthy diet includes all the essential nutrients your body needs without the additional saturated fats and sugars. Maintaining a healthy weight is related to the prevention of chronic heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. YOU NEED

8  Development : Without proper nutrition and a healthy diet, your body will not receive the necessary vitamins and nutrients at critical development stages. As a person grows, requires essential vitamins to develop bones, muscles, organs and tissues. Poor nutrition can lead to stunted growth, learning disorders and weakened immune systems. When healthy eating habits are introduced to children at a young age they are more likely to continue those habits throughout their lives, ensuring their bodies will always benefit from proper eating habits. YOU NEED…..

9 YOU NEED…. Balance : We must make our diet balanced and varied. Its nutrition guidelines are broken down into five essential categories including grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and lean proteins. These categories contain a balance of all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to maintain a healthy diet with the proper nutrition. Eating too much of one type of food is not good for your body and often neglects crucial vitamins and nutrients. NUMINVITA contains naturally grains, pulses which normally being taken with milk provides helps to make our diet balanced and varied.

10 Why is nutrition important?  Of course looking at the food we eat we see that it does not have the same nutritional value that it did 20 years ago. Our food today is injected with additives, hormones, preservatives, chemicals, and so on. So now we must supplement our body for what it does not take in. A regular NUMINVITA intake atleast one time a day plan may be put into practice to promote optimal health.  We are too busy to cook for ourselves or prepare a healthy balanced diet, consume refined foods more often than fresh foods, feel tired all the time, suffer from high stress level and weak immune function. The bottom line is that our food may not always provide the level of nutrients that we hope or expect they will. NUMINVITA helps in alieviating this.

11 VEG-CONSCIOUSVEG-CONSCIOUS More and more people today consume a vegetarian diet. They do it for religious, ethical, and/or health reasons. A vegetarian should eat fortified foods and take a multivitamin-mineral supplement. Taking one time NUMINVITA helps to provide essentials mostly.

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