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Essential Factors For Effective Islamic Teaching & Learning

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1 Essential Factors For Effective Islamic Teaching & Learning
Islamic Education Essential Factors For Effective Islamic Teaching & Learning Professional development for teachers Presented by Salifu Baba 20 August 2007

2 Effective Teaching & Learning Principles
At the end of this session, participants should be able to: Characterise Islamic education Identify the mission of Islam Identify the vision of effective Islamic teaching and learning explain the purpose of Islamic education identify and explain at least 6 essential factors underpinning effective teaching and learning.

3 Islamic Education The First World Conference on Muslim Education held in Mecca in 1977, characterised Islamic education as one that should: “provide a balanced growth of the total personality of man through training of the human spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings and bodily senses. The training imparted to a Muslim must be such that faith is infused into the whole of his personality and creates in him an emotional attachment to Islam.” (Hashim, 1996, p. 87).

4 Islamic Education In Islam, the concept of knowledge is inextricably bound up with its belief system, particularly, al-tawhid (unity of God). Islamic education integrates all knowledge and disciplines with “Islamic ideology”. In short, Islamic education recognizes the “jurisdiction” of God Almighty in all disciplines. In fact, God occupies a centre court in Islamic education.

5 Islamic Education In the past, Muslim scholars transformed the form, content, and intent of sciences, education, and arts into Islamic disciplines by integrating intellectual and cultural development within the Islamic worldview.

6 Islamic Education However, many Muslim educators and practitioners would acknowledge that Islamic education, as it is taught today, has been ineffective in teaching and inspiring Muslim children to adopt and adhere to Islam as a way of life and a system of personal and social values.

7 Islamic Education The crisis of modern-day Islamic education is rooted, in large part, in the way we teach our children about Islam. This approach which focuses primarily on conveying “information” about Islam, has failed to capture the hearts and minds of our youth.

8 Islamic Education A renewed approach is therefore needed – one that addresses the real needs and concerns of students themselves. The field of Islamic values education – with its focus on beliefs, values, manners feelings, attitudes, and moral literacy skills – should be the focus of contemporary Islamic education, as it was in the time of the Noble Prophet (SAW).

9 Islamic Education Fortunately, a sense of renewal is in the air today and enlightened Muslims are eager to find real solutions to the problems and challenges facing the Muslim community and, if necessary, to re-examine traditional paradigms within Muslim society – including how and what we teach our children about Islam.

10 Islamic Education To achieve this goal, a unified and concerted effort is needed. Muslim educators, practitioners and families must increase and unify their efforts to find creative solutions that will effectively bridge the gap between values and practice in the upcoming generation of Muslim youth. Islamic schools have a crucial role to play in developing solutions and programs that will help foster this.

11 Effective Teaching & Learning
Principle The vision of the an effective Islamic education makes an important distinction between teaching “about Islam” and teaching “about being Muslims” Goals of Islamic education The goal of Islamic education is not to fill our children’s minds with information “about” Islam, but rather to teach them what it means really to “be” Muslims.

12 Effective Teaching & Learning
The vision of effective Islamic teaching and learning being discussed is based on a dynamic rather than static, view of Islam and Islamic education. This view is rooted in the belief that the mission of Islam is to positively transform the world, and that the purpose of Islamic education is to prepare young men and women capable of carrying out this mission.

13 Effective Teaching & Learning
According to this view, effective Islamic teaching and learning must have the power to inspire and transform students in the process of Islamic tarbiyyah.

14 Effective Teaching & Learning
Several factors are essential for effective teaching and learning to occur. Islamic school teachers and practitioners must become better aware of the important role these factors play in effective instruction and future programs in Islamic education should be evaluated in the light of these or similar principles.

15 Effective Teaching & Learning
Some essential factors for effective teaching and learning are: Meaningful Integrative Values-based Challenging Active Instructional Standards

16 Effective Teaching & Learning
Meaningful Students should feel that the content they are studying is worth learning because it is meaningful and relevant to their lives. Students must see the usefulness and potential application of this knowledge to their everyday lives.

17 Effective Teaching & Learning
Integrative Instruction must be integrated – encompassing and engaging the whole child (spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically). It must be integrative across time, place and culture; integrative across the curriculum; integrating knowledge and values with action and application.

18 Effective Teaching & Learning
Values-based The aim of Islamic education is to produce “good human beings”. Accordingly, instruction should focus on values and considering the ethical dimensions of topics. In this way, Islamic education becomes powerful vehicle for character development, thus achieving its true goal.

19 Effective Teaching & Learning
Values-based cont. Teachers must realise that every aspect of the teaching and learning experience conveys values and provide opportunities for students to learn about values.

20 Effective Teaching & Learning
Challenging Students must be challenged to thoughtfully examine what they are studying, to participate assertively in group discussions, to work productively in cooperative learning activities, and to come to grips with controversial issues.

21 Effective Teaching & Learning
Challenging cont. Such activities and experiences will help foster the skills needed to produce competent Muslims capable of presenting and defending their beliefs and principles actively.

22 Effective Teaching & Learning
Active Great deal is demanded from both the teacher and students. The teachers must be actively and genuinely engaged in the teaching process – making plans, choices, and curriculum adjustments as needed, rather than mechanically following a manual.

23 Effective Teaching & Learning
Active cont. Teachers must be prepared to continuously update their knowledge, adjust goals and content to students’ needs, take advantage of unfolding events and teachable moments, develop examples that relate directly to students, and other practices that facilitate active and meaningful instruction.

24 Effective Teaching & Learning
Active cont. Furthermore, effective instruction must emphasise hands-on activities that call for students to react to what they are learning and to use it in their lives in some meaningful way.

25 Effective Teaching & Learning
Instructional Standards Certain instructional standards must be in place for meaningful and authentic teaching and learning to occur. Student achievement increases when these standards of instruction are implemented.

26 Effective Teaching & Learning
Task Evaluate one of the topics you are teaching currently in the light of the 6 effective teaching and learning principles discussed today. What can you see?

27 Effective Teaching & Learning
THE END Question Time

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