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For College Faculty and Student Services Staff. We’re All In This Together!

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1 For College Faculty and Student Services Staff

2 We’re All In This Together!


4 # of enrolled students who filed a FAFSA # with family income below poverty level (< $24,000) % with family income below poverty level 1,52965443%

5 Enrolled Students1,829 FAFSAs from Enrolled Students1,529 Students w/Fin Aid Awards1,491 Pell Grants1,084 Loan Borrowers754 A+ Awards221 84% of enrolled students filed a FAFSA 82% received some type of financial aid award 59% received a Pell Grant

6 Federal $8,576,266 State $862,202 Institutional $340,391 Other $282,844 Total$10,061,703


8 Everybody hates it 106 invasive questions Requires prior year tax and current asset info (+ parent info if <24) Determines eligibility for Pell, Loans, Work, A+, and more

9 PELL GRANTSSTUDENT LOANS  High financial need  Undergraduate  HS diploma/GED  Regular student  Program approved by DE  Selective Service  No drug conviction  Homeland security status  Pass verification  Attend Class  Return to Title IV  Academic progress  All Pell requirements  At least half time  Counseling  No default  Not borrowed limit A+ BENEFITS  Full time  Certified by HS  No repeats  2.5 GPA


11 WHO GETS WHAT?HOW MUCH IS LEFT? College Cost +Average Living Expenses - FAFSA Family Contribution = Financial Aid Eligibility Total Amount of Aid Awarded - Student Account Charges = Financial Aid Refund $12,772 $500 $12,222$9,102 $3,120 $5,100 Pell $7,122 Loan $12,222

12 Program Reviews Reporting Annual Audit New Laws Clarified Old Laws Information Security Disclosures R2T4 Calculations Loan Default Rate

13 Enrolled Students Student Borrowers Total Loan Amounts Average Loan per Student 2009-101,916672$3,897,051$5,799 2010-111,956816$4,730,416$5,797 2011-121,829754$4,474,035$5,934




17 Borrowed Amount 10-Year Monthly Payment Student in Example (one year) $7,122$70.09 Student in Example (two years) $14,244$140.19 Maximum College (two years) $21,000$206.68 Maximum Undergraduate $57,500$565.90


19  Establish attendance in  Establish attendance in each course  Stay  Stay in class  Maintain  Maintain satisfactory academic progress

20  Demonstrate that each financial aid recipient attended each class at least once  Capture a Last Date of Attendance for Fs and Xs  Calculate earned vs. unearned financial aid when a student withdraws or stops attending all classes  Monitor and take action when an FA recipient does not meet our satisfactory academic progress policy

21 May 14 Enrolled in four classes for Fall July 16 Awarded $2,535 Pell Grant & $4,000 Loan Sept 11 $4,975 refund check mailed Sept 28 Instructor #1 reported Sam never attended Dec 15 Instructor #2 reporter her LDA Sept 2 Dec 15 Instructor #3 reported her LDA Sept 11 Dec 15 Instructor #4 reported her LDA Sept 28

22 Dec 18 The College called Samantha who said she never attended any classes and assumed the “reward” check could be used for expenses until she re- enrolled. She’d spent the $4,975. Samantha wins a ticket to Accounts Receivable City and Collections Town…

23 In other words…

24 Go

25 How the U.S. Department of Education views class attendance for Title IV purposes How the College proves attendance for Title IV purposes How the U.S. Department of Education defines attendance in an academically-related activity for Title IV purposes How the Financial Aid Office calculates and treats earned and unearned Title IV funds

26 Satisfactory Academic Progress

27 Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average Pass 67% of the credit hours they attempt Complete their program of study within 150% of the length of the program Note: There is a limited appeal process when mitigating circumstances prevent satisfactory progress.


29 A Cautionary Tale

30 $400,000  A Mythical Community College wrote off more than $400,000 in federal aid in one year  This was the result of attendance not being reported in a timely manner  The aid had been awarded then had to be returned to the federal programs because students didn’t “earn” it (didn’t attend or stopped attending)  AMCC paid the Feds then had to try to collect back from students—they got all but the $400K


32  Financial Aid is essential to the College and its students ($10,000,000+ and growing)  Financial Aid is big and complicated  Our Financial Aid operation is now compliant and successful  Everyone plays a critical part in ensuring continued funding :  Students go to class and make progress  Faculty keep required records  Administrators interpret the regulations and ensure compliance  Staff process financial aid and inform students

33 As part of ourTitle IV Federal Student Aid Participation Agreement, the College must “…communicate to the individual designated to be responsible for administering Title IV programs, all the information received by any institutional office that bears on a student's eligibility for Title IV, HEA program assistance. “ -- 34 CFR 668.16 Code of Federal Regulations

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