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1 Agenda Views Pages Web Parts Navigation Office Wrap-Up.

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1 1 Agenda Views Pages Web Parts Navigation Office Wrap-Up

2 Let’s Learn How to Work with Lists Create, delete and restore standard SharePoint lists Create a calendar and overlay multiple calendars Manage alerts for others 2

3 Demo of Lists 3

4 Let’s Learn How to Work with List Settings List name and description Ratings Validation Item Version History 4

5 List Name and Description 5 When you create a list, the name should not include spaces To add spaces to the list name later for readability, you should rename the list

6 Ratings 6 Users can rate files with Stars or Likes This helps you evaluate content and prioritize improvements Users must have at least Contributor permissions to rate files – limits utility

7 Validation 7 You can perform validation on some types of data Example: Confirm that a high temperature value is below some maximum You can compare some types of columns Example: Compare the day’s high and low temperature to check that the high temperature is greater than or equal to the low temperature

8 Item Version History 8 Version history tracks changes over time See when an item was changed, who changed it, and what changes were made View and restore earlier versions Review comments

9 Example of Item Version History 9 Versions use whole numbers (1.0, 2.0, etc.)

10 When Are Versions Created? You add an item You save an item after an editing session 10

11 Versioning Tips Each version increases the size of the content database, so minimize the number of versions you keep Know whether your organization is required to save all versions for legal or other reasons 11

12 Demo of List Settings 12

13 Item Version History 13

14 NCDOT Best Practices – List Settings Versioning – On as needed Content approval – Off Advanced settings Available offline – Yes Quick Edit – Yes Search – Yes Folders – No Content types – Yes Leave other settings unchanged 14

15 Plan Your Lists Plan early and carefully. Once lists have content, it is more difficult to make changes. Use separate lists if items need different approval processes or versioning options Decide what information needs to be seen easily, then customize the display to show it Contact list? Users probably want to see the name, phone number and email 15

16 Later, We’ll Learn How to… Customize lists with views and columns Modify navigation 16

17 When Do List Changes Go Live? Inside Immediately Connect team/project sites Immediately Unauthenticated (public) area of Connect Make changes on a staging server; changes are copied to a production server at :42 after the hour There may be review or approval processes in your area 17

18 Exercise 1: Lists 1.Go to the Designer Class home page 2.Click Exercises for the links you’ll need 18

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