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SET UP SLIDE. Survey of Organizational Effectiveness Meeting July 13, 2001 Presentation by Dr. Karen Haynes, President University of Houston-Victoria.

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3 Survey of Organizational Effectiveness Meeting July 13, 2001 Presentation by Dr. Karen Haynes, President University of Houston-Victoria


5 Mission  Provide quality education  Enhance the economic, social, cultural and professional life of the regional community

6 Institutional Description One of four universities in the University of Houston-System Small, upper-level/graduate institution Service area of 16 counties

7 Service Area

8 50% graduate 77% part-time 14% Hispanic & 7% African American 27% off campus 44% undergraduates are 1st generation in college Institutional Demographics


10 Strategic Goals Effective teaching and learning Collaboration in delivering programs & services Outreach and partnerships with community organizations

11 Collaboration with UH System Institutions: Complete degree-programs at two suburban off-campus teaching centers  UH System at Sugarland  UH Center at Cinco Ranch Delivered by:  In person  Interactive-television  Online delivery

12 Collaboration with Community Colleges: 4 Shared campus with The Victoria College, jointly supported library 4 Shared baccalaureate curricula with Victoria and three other community colleges

13 Academic Outreach:  Courses and occasional cohort degree programs offered in other communities  Programs delivered to Victoria by other institutions


15 Presenting Problems: 1995 Out of policy compliance Poor fiscal stewardship In need of a strategic course for:  Enrollment growth  Permanence

16 First Phase: Internal  Invited all full-time faculty and staff to talk with me  Re-opened and made public the budget process  Redirected Provost search  Initiated plan for a permanent campus

17 Second Phase: External  Expanded regional outreach and representation  Created a plan for growth and identity  Established outreach goals  Initiated fund raising

18 Leadership Challenges: 1995 Regain trust Open communications Create inclusive processes Obtain community support

19 Results to Date: Internal Trust regained in administration Lines of communication opened Budget process made public Policy compliance obtained

20 Results to Date: External New identity created Permanent campus established Community participation created through roundtables Multiple fund raising campaigns began

21 Results to Date: State Performance Measures Enrollment increased - 28% SCH increased - 21% Retention rate remained high - 85% Graduation rate remained high - 74% ExCet pass rate over - 91%

22 Enrollment Growth Average Enrollment per Semester Average 1,394 Average 1,781 1996-1997 2000-2001 on-campus off-campus 21% 27% 79% 73%

23 Enrollment Growth SCH Fall 1996 & Spring 1997 Total 20,281 ITV 2% Regular 98% SCH Fall 2000 & Spring 2001 Total 24,510 5% Regular 77% Online 18%

24 Financial Resource Reallocation Operating Budgets $0.5 Million Reallocation $2.1 Million Reallocation 6%15% $8.8 Million FY 1997 FY 2001 $13.7 Million

25 Faculty Resource Reallocation Faculty 1996-1997 Faculty 2000-2001 Total 51 off-campus Faculty 1996-1997 Total 39 on-campus 72% 22% 6% vacant

26 Technology Utilization Faculty 2000-2001 62% online

27 Enrollment Growth Supported by:  Technology training provided  Technology support staff increased  Multi-media classroom space expanded  Competitive compensation targeted  Customer service training mandated


29 Survey of Organizational Excellence, 1999  UHV ranked in top 5 of all 22 universities in all 5 Dimension 4On all 20 constructs, UHV ranked over 300

30 Survey of Organizational Excellence, 1999 UHV Areas of Strength Workplace Dimension ConstructsScore General Organizational Physical Work Setting Communication Patterns Personal Demands Strategic Orientation Adequacy of Environment External Communication Time & Stress Management 389 381 375 380 382 Benefits

31 Survey of Organizational Excellence, 1999 UHV Areas of Concern Workplace Dimension ConstructsScore General Organizational Team Perceptions Personal Demands Holographic Supervisor Effectiveness Team Effectiveness Empowerment 318 303 319 321 304 Fairness

32 UHV Measures: External Customers  Student satisfaction  Alumni satisfaction  Student evaluation of instruction  Job placement survey  Student registration and billing  The ACT Student Satisfaction Survey

33 UHV Measures: Internal Customers  Work order satisfaction  Satisfaction surveys on training  Unit performance assessments  Academic program reviews  Suggestion Box items


35 Present Focus: Summer 2000 - Now  Internal organizational culture review  Compensation process and policy review

36 How UHV Did It? Connect employees to mission Enhance employees empowerment Celebrate accomplishments Support climate of respect Use humor

37 Why These Occur at UHV? a high emphasis on technology access for all faculty, staff, and students a high priority on physical work conditions being the best that can be offered employees put pressure on themselves to achieve instead of management doing that


39 Visionary Leadership Internal Data External Data Survey: Key Ingredients

40 Leadership Skill Clusters  Administrative  Leadership  Stewardship  Relationship  Entrepreneurial

41 Leadership Findings 1. Most effective are equally strong in first four. 2. Strong relationship and stewardship skills, often perceived effective and successful. 3. Less strong administrative skills okay if strong in above. 4. Weak relationship and/or stewardship never perceived as effective. Source: Presidential Review in Colleges and Universities by Edward Penson and published by the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

42 What All This Means Relationship & Stewardship Good Internal Climate Improved Customer Services Improved or Sustained External Measures


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